College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)


Pre-register for the following 4-5 courses (15-17 credits). 



    Find your intended major in the list below to select your appropriate major course(s).

    Undeclared: Choose two (2) Core Requirements

    Asian Studies: AS-100 or other Asian Studies (AS) course
    Applied Legal Studies: GVT-110
    Biology: BIO-114 & BIO-L114 and CHEM-111 & CHEM-L111
    Biochemistry: CHEM-111 & CHEM-L111 and MATH-165
    Chemistry: CHEM-111 & CHEM-L111 and MATH-165
    Computer Science: CMPSC-F131 and MATH-165 (or appropriate placement)
    Communication & Journalism: CJN-101
    (Advertising, Journalism, Global & Cultural Communication, Public Relations, Media & Film)
    Art History: ARH-101 or ARH-102
    Economics: EC-101 or EC-102
    English: Choose ONE: ENG-213, ENG-214, ENG-217, or ENG-218.
    Creative Writing: ENG-212.
    Environmental Science: UES-101 and CHEM-111 & CHEM-L111
    Environmental Studies: UES-101 and MATH (based on placement) 
    Fine Arts: ADF-S101, ADF-S166, and ADF-S171
    French: French (FR) course at your placement level.  You will take and check your placement level at orientation and advisors will help you complete your schedule.
    Graphic Design: ADF-S101, ADF-S166, and ADF-S171
    Government: GVT-110
    History: Any History (HST) course at 100 level
    Humanities: ARH-101 or ARH-102
    Interior Design: ADF-S101, ADF-S166, and ADI-S108
    International Economics: EC-101 or EC-102
    Mathematics: CMPSC-F131 and MATH-165 (or appropriate placement)
    Music History: MUH-101 or MUH-102
    Philosophy: PHIL-119, PHIL-123, OR PHIL-127
    Physics: PHYS-151 & PHYS-L151 and MATH-165
    Politics, Philosophy, & Economics: PHIL-120
    Psychology: PSYCH-114
    Radiation Science: SCI-108 & MATH (based on placement)
    Sociology: SOC-113 or SOC-116
    Spanish: Spanish (SPAN) course at your placement level.  You will take and check your placement level at orientation and advisors will help you complete your schedule.
    Theatre: Any Theatre (THETR) course at the 100 level.



    Choose one-two of the following options, depending on how many more courses you need:

    Creativity & Innovation - (Creativity & Innovation should be completed in the first year)
    • Use MySuffolk Search & Select to My Wishlist.
    • Select Term "16/FA-FALL 2016" and Subject “CI-Creativity & Innovation.” 
    • Click Submit to see choices.
    • If you are a science major, do not choose this option.
    Ethical & Philosophical Inquiry (PHIL-119, PHIL-123, or PHIL-127)
    • Select Term "16/FA-FALL 2016" and Subject "PHIL-Philosophy."
    • Enter Course Number "119," "123," OR "127."
    • Click Submit.
    • If you are a philosophy major, do not choose this option.
    Social, Cultural, & Global Diverse Perspectives
    Humanities & History
    Social Science
    Free Elective
    • Pre-register for any 100 or 200 level course.

  • CAS-101

    CAS-101 is a highly recommended one-credit course for first-year students.  This course initiates your journey toward achieving your academic, professional, and personal goals by helping you to understand the opportunities available to you at Suffolk.

    To pre-register, use MySuffolk Search & Select to My Wishlist:

    • Select Term "16/FA-FALL 2016." 
    • Select Subject "CAS-College of Arts & Sciences." 
    • Type Course Number "101."
    • Click Submit to see options

Sawyer Business School (SBS)


Pre-register for the following 5 courses (15-17 credits). 

  • MATH

    ALL Business majors are expected to enroll in a Math class during their first semester.

    Note: All Math courses meet for an additional hour each week. When searching for courses in MySuffolk, click on the "Meeting Information" to see the complete "Section Information" for your selected Math course. 

    For Example: MATH-128-A meets Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30am-9:45am & Wednesday: 8am-8:50am.



    All students in the Business School, regardless of major, take ENT-101 (Business Foundations) during their first semester. 


    Choose one:

    Creativity & Innovation 
    Select Term "16/FA-FALL 2016" and Subject “CI-Creativity & Innovation,” click Submit to see choices.

    Pre-register for either SIB-101 (3 credits) or HST-149 (4 credits)
    If you are considering a Global Business major or International Business minor, SIB-101 is required. 

    Social, Cultural, & Global Diverse Perspectives
    Use MySuffolk Search & Select to My Wishlist.
    Use the "Course Type" drop-down menu and select "PERSP- DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES" and click "Submit" to see choices.

    Free Elective
    Any 100 or 200 level course.


    All students in the Business school will take SBS-100 (careerSTART) during their first semester.