Engaging with the external community is very important to Suffolk University, which strives to be a good citizen of the City of Boston and a good neighbor in the Beacon Hill and downtown areas.

As a liaison among the University, all levels of government, and the community, the Office of External Affairs strives to integrate academic and student activities into the fabric of the city while heeding the interests of neighbors and government officials.

Several initiatives help us in this task, including:

  • Neighborhood task forces to advise the University on development and neighborhood issues
  • Outreach to students to clarify their responsibilities in respect to neighborhood residents’ privacy and quality of life
  • Office of Neighborhood Response, which monitors student activity in the neighborhoods and takes action when necessary
  • Institutional Master Plan developed with input from the City of Boston and neighborhood task forces

The Office of External Affairs oversees two externally focused divisions of Suffolk University: the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Government and Community Affairs.

Members of the External Affairs division serve as your liaisons within the University. Please feel free, at any time, to contact the Office of External Affairs with any issues or concerns that you may have.

John A. Nucci
Vice President, External Affairs