• Massachusetts Bar Exam

    Subject Matter Tested  Suffolk Law Related Courses 
    Agency  Agency and Partnership, Trusts (formerly Fiduciary Relations), Corporations, Torts, Trusts & Estates
    Business Organizations Corporations 
    Constitutional Law  Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law/Criminal Procedure, Search/Seizure and Suppression 
    Contracts  Contracts 
    Criminal Law  Criminal Law, Constitutional Law/Criminal Procedure, Advanced Topics in Criminal Law, Search/Seizure and Suppression 
    Descent and Distribution of Estates  Estates (formerly Wills), Estate Administration, Trusts & Estates 
    Domestic Relations  Family Law 
    Evidence (including Federal rules)  Evidence, Advanced Evidence Seminar 
    Federal Jurisdiction  Civil Procedure, Federal Courts 
    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure  Civil Procedure, Federal Courts 
    Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure  Civil Procedure, Mass Practice 
    Professional Responsibility  Professional Responsibility 
    Real Property (including Mortgages)  Property, Conveyancing & Mortgages, Real Estate Mortgages, Advanced Property Seminar 
    Torts  Torts, Advanced Torts 
    Trusts  Trusts (formerly Fiduciary Relations), Drafting Wills & Trusts, Advanced Estates/Powers/Trusts, Trusts & Estates 
    Unfair or Deceptive Practices (G.L. C93A)  Consumer Law
    Uniform Commercial Code (Articles 1–9)  Commercial Law Survey, Secured Trans, Commercial Law Sales, Commercial Paper 


  • Multistate Bar Exam

    Subject Matter Tested  Suffolk Law Related Courses 

    Civil Procedure
    *beginning 2/2015

    Civil Procedure, Federal Jurisdiction
    Constitutional Law  Constitutional Law 
    Contracts  Contracts
    Criminal Law and Procedure  Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure 
    Evidence  Evidence 
    Real Property  Property, Advanced Property Seminar 
    Torts  Torts