This program is offered to graduate students, with priority given to those enrolled full-time. Recipients are selected on the basis of merit and work on-campus performing research and/or administrative tasks. Award amounts vary and recipients are paid bi-weekly for hours worked.

Graduate Fellow Interview Day will take place May 9.

CAS Graduate Grants are automatically reduced by 50% if the recipient is also awarded an Administrative Fellowship.

Graduate fellows are offered $13,400 per year ($7,200 grant, $6,200 employment) and students should earn their money during the academic year beginning no earlier than the first day of classes in September and ending the last day of the spring semester.

For international students who entered the U.S. on a visa which permits working up to 20 hours on campus, the Fellowship and all forms of employment awards (including the Trustees’ Ambassadors, Ballotti Learning Center Scholars, Residence Assistants and Orientation/Scheduling Assistantship Programs) count toward this 20-hour limit.

Note: This position is now closed.  

Next Steps:

You will be notified via email which offices would like to interview you on Graduate Fellow Interview Day (May 9, 2014) no later than May 5th, 2014

Please call the Office of Student Affairs at 617-573-8239 or email with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to reviewing your application materials!


Assistant Dean of Students, SGA & Special Projects


SGA & Special Projects

This 16-hour weekly position works closely with the Student Government Association executive board as an advisor. Duties include providing support with elections, annual events and other SGA-sponsored activities as assigned. Additionally, this position administers the the annual Suffolk University Who’s Who process, SGA Leadership Awards nomination process and gala, as well as completing other assigned research projects. Other administrative duties may include assistance with staff room reservations and departmental web-edits.


The ideal candidate will exemplify professional conduct in the workplace, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and previous experience with event-planning. Previous experience with web-editing and room-reservation software is not necessary but is a plus. 

Graduate Fellow, Communication and Efficiency

The Center for International Programs and Services (CIPS) seeks a highly motivated graduate fellow to develop and enhance web-based services and database technologies to help the office improve communication and efficiency.


  1. Highly organized and creative communications professional with strong writing and editing skills, as well as experience in and a passion for streamlining processes.
  2. Ability to present complex information creatively and in a clear and compelling manner.
  3. Ability to assess student needs, motivations, and behaviors and use data to improve customer service.
  4. Excellent organizational skills; keen attention to detail.
  5. Must be self-directed; pro-active, highly motivated, and results oriented.
  6. Team-focused and collaborative work style with a positive, collegial attitude and a high level of professionalism are essential. Strong interpersonal skills.
  7. Experience in IT and web design and usability preferred.


  1. Process improvement and client relations
    a. Develop and perform usability evaluation scenarios
    b. Recommend additions and modifications to existing standards as technological options evolve.
    c. Identify internal communications strategies and tools to inform and educate students, staff and faculty about visa requirements, programming and upcoming events
  2. Website and communications
    a. Formulate content for dissemination in a web context.
    b. Develop and implement strategies for coherent and user friendly website, including navigation strategy, menu and link text, and connections with related websites.
    c. Coordinate a schedule for regular site updates. Ensure prompt and accurate website updates to maintain accurate information resources.
    d. Develop and execute a range of web and communication projects, including social media initiatives, website analytics, etc.


Graduate Fellow, International Programming

The graduate fellow for International Programs in the Center for International Programs and Services will be active in all aspects related to international programming, including research, outreach, planning and evaluation. Tasks will focus around the coordination and evaluation of International Student Programming and Study Abroad Programming.


  1. Demonstrated commitment to, and willingness to learn about international education.
  2. Previous experience in program/event planning, curriculum development or teaching.
  3. Willingness to assist with day-to-day administrative tasks.
  4. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  5. Ability to compile and evaluate data and suggest recommendations.
  6. Innovative and creative thinker.
  7. Proven ability to take initiative on projects.
  8. Although not required, availability on Tuesdays and Thursdays during 12 p.m.-3 p.m. (which spans the university’s activities period) would be ideal.
  9. Ability to communicate effectively to non-native speakers of English and relate well to individuals from diverse cultural, social and educational backgrounds


  1. Support all initiatives related to international programming
  2. Research international initiatives at peer institutions
  3. Assist in the planning and evaluation of international programs
    a. Attend all international programming meetings and events
    b. Oversee administrative planning of all international programs
    c. Assist in assessment and evaluation of programming
    d. Report evaluation data to CIPS staff and other university administration
  4. Assist in the promotion of international programs
    a. Maintain university calendar
    b. Work with in-house designer to develop marketing materials
    c. Develop weekly e-newsletter for Study Abroad Office
    d. Work with various student groups to coordinate event co-sponsorships
    e. Outreach to various departments throughout the university


Career Development Center Graduate Fellow Openings

Social Media Grad Fellow

  • Maintain the Career Development Center's Facebook and Twitter pages, updating with events, useful resources to students, and career-related articles
  • Monitor/maintain CDC’s homepage
  • Prepare and send out newsletters and event emails via Constant Contact
  • Design flyers for upcoming events as needed
  • Manage online calendar, updating with career-related events

Frosh/Soph Grad Fellow

Focused on freshmen/sophomore programming/services including the Sophomore Shadow Program, Majors/Minors Expo, College Majors Handbook, and career workshops/panels.

  • Conduct outreach to alumni and friends of the university to secure new host sponsors for the Sophomore Job Shadow Program. Follow up with hosts from previous years to continue to build database of host sponsors.
  • Assist with marketing program to sophomores and encouraging sophomore applications
  • Arrange orientation sessions with sophomore applicants
  • Review applicant resumes and work with each applicant to develop and revise resumes to meet standards
  • Assist with matching process – coordinate all facets of match – host and student availability/schedule, host career field/industry, student interest for exploration
  • Assist with arranging for all logistics – resumes to hosts, travel and location, scheduling, assisting student with pre-shadow research on host sponsor
  • Assist with evaluation process
  • Assist with Major/Minor Fair – Handbook, logistics, marketing and event coordination
  • Assist with career panels and programs for first and second year students
  • Assist with all Career Development Center operations as needed

Internship Grad Fellow

  • Respond to student requests at front desk
  • Post unpaid internships
  • Track unpaid internship employers
  • Track student hires for same
  • Post paid internship jobs on bulletin boards around campus
  • Assist with Internship Job Fair
  • Provide office support as required


Hybrid Learning Support Assistant


The Hybrid Learning Graduate Fellow assists with the development and management of CLAS online programs and services to enhance online, hybrid, and on-ground learning. This graduate fellow works collaboratively with members of the CLAS staff to support students enrolled in online and hybrid classes. In addition to the administrative responsibilities described below, this position may also include tutoring, leading a study group, presenting workshops, or serving as an AIM facilitator and/or Nathan Miller teaching assistant.

Principal Responsibilities

  1. Monitor and assist with the management of Ask a Tutor Online service.
  2. Identify online resources for students in hybrid courses and work with the Program Coordinator for Online Learning Support to develop learning initiatives.
  3. Contribute to identifying strategies for marketing and increasing online resource utilization.
  4. Research online teaching practices.
  5. Collaborate with CLAS program coordinators to train student staff with the usage of online learning technologies.
  6. Other duties as assigned appropriate to the scope and success of the position.


  1. Experience working with new or emerging technologies in educational settings. Experience taking an online course desired.
  2. Ability to work independently on projects and tasks.
  3. Possess strong writing/editing skills. Experience working with instructional design a plus.
  4. Ability to troubleshoot student issues and diagnose challenges in new initiatives.
  5. Teaching/counseling background a plus.
  6. Sense of adventure and ability to take risks required.
  7. Current enrollment in a Suffolk University graduate program required.

Applicants must submit a writing sample to be considered for this position.

Student Services Programs: Creative Fellow

Student Services Programs at CLAS provide tutoring, study groups and skill based workshops to the Suffolk Community. The CLAS Student Services Creative Fellow designs and produces creative materials that promote academic support services and special events held by the CLAS. New concepts and materials are to be developed each semester to invigorate the interest of Suffolk’s student body and reflect adjustments to our offerings. This fellow must build rapport with students and faculty to design fresh and compelling print and digital marketing materials. S/he also coordinates the skill-based, faculty requested workshops at CLAS NESAD and serves as a leader and mentor to student staff. This fellow may also serve as a tutor, study group leader or workshop facilitator as needed.

Principal Responsibilities

  1. Design and create large posters and digital graphics promoting all CLAS services campus-wide.
  2. Design and create flyers, stickers, digital graphics to be distributed to target markets promoting specific services such as CAS/SBS/NESAD Tutoring, Study Groups, Workshops, Math/STATS Drop-in to target markets.
  3. Design and create posters, flyers, digital graphics to be distributed to the Suffolk community to promote specific events such as the CLAS Conference, iStudy, Math Review and Open Houses,
  4. Connect with faculty about service offerings each semester. This fellow should continually be forming and maintaining professional relationships with faculty at Suffolk as a part of fostering a collaborative relationship between the CLAS and the faculty.
  5. Collaborate with the Marketing and Promotions Committee to use social media platforms as well as print media to get students excited about CLAS.
  6. Co-coordinate skills workshops at CLAS NESAD at the request of faculty members. These workshops may be created and executed by this fellow or developed collaboratively with another CLAS NESAD tutor depending on the skill required.
  7. Co-facilitate CRLA certified Pre-Service and Monthly Training components and lead 1-2 weekly support meetings.
  8. Conduct observations of study group and tutoring sessions throughout the semester and provide the staff with constructive feedback.
  9. Record staff attendance at weekly support meetings, monthly employee meetings and track CRLA training hours.
  10. Respond to challenges and problem-solve them on a day-to-day basis.
  11. Other duties as assigned appropriate to scope and success of the position and the center.


  1. Experience in academic support (Learning or Writing Center) is preferred.
  2. Experience with Fine Art and/or Graphic Design – knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, InDesign, Photoshop and rendering
  3. Exemplary leadership and mentoring skills

Applicants must submit a writing sample to be considered for this position.


Student Services Programs: NESAD Assistant


Student Services Programs at CLAS NESAD provide tutoring, study groups and skill based workshops to the NESAD community. The CLAS NESAD Student Services Programs Assistant plays a key leadership role in in the coordination of services and mentorship of student staff. This graduate fellow assists the Student Services team in overall service program planning and implementation, facilitating ongoing staff development and day-to-day responsibilities. This fellow may also serve as a tutor, study group leader or workshop facilitator as needed.

Principal Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the overall coordination and daily operation of tutoring and study group services at CLAS NESAD, which includes, but is not limited to: compiling staff availability, assisting in constructing schedules for study groups and tutoring as well as reserving rooms and assessing technology needs for sessions, scheduling appointments and handling referrals as necessary.
  2. Reach out to faculty about service offerings each semester. This fellow should continually be forming and maintaining professional relationships with faculty at NESAD as a part of fostering a collaborative relationship between the CLAS NESAD and the faculty.
  3. Organize in-class announcements and ensure they are completed.
  4. Co-facilitate CRLA certified Pre-Service and Monthly Training components and lead 1-2 weekly support meetings.
  5. Conduct observations of study group and tutoring sessions throughout the semester and provide the staff with constructive feedback.
  6. Generate an observation schedule where tutors and leaders can observe each other.
  7. Record staff attendance at weekly support meetings, monthly employee meetings and track CRLA training hours.
  8. Review weekly notes from tutoring sessions to ensure quality of service.
  9. Assist in compiling and reviewing the data from each semester to assess trends in service needs.
  10. Respond to challenges and problem-solve them on a day-to-day basis.
  11. Other duties as assigned appropriate to scope and success of the position and the center.


  1. Experience in academic support (Learning or Writing Center) is preferred.
  2. Exemplary leadership and mentoring skills.
  3. Experience working with data - must be proficient in Microsoft Excel.

Applicants must submit a writing sample to be considered for this position. 

Academic Skills Workshop Assistant


The CLAS Academic Skills Workshop Program responds to requests from Suffolk University community members for interactive workshops and facilitates weekly in-house workshops throughout the academic year. The graduate fellow assists the Program Coordinator in marketing the Workshop Program, responding to workshop requests, coordinating weekly in-house workshops, conducting research on relevant academic topics, delivering workshops, and mentoring undergraduate workshop facilitators. In addition, the graduate fellow may be asked to assist with other Academic Success Programs, such as SU Advantage, Academic Improvement Program, Academic Coaching, and/or Nathan Miller.

Principal Responsibilities

  1. Research and identify relevant academic skill workshop topics.
  2. Assist in the development and delivery of workshops to meet the needs of Suffolk University’s students.
  3. Communicate with members of the Suffolk community (i.e. professors/program directors) to promote and schedule workshops.
  4. Collaborate with individuals or departments (i.e. media center, workshop facilitators, workshop host) to confirm workshop location and time.
  5. Maintain CLAS workshop information such as workshop schedule, correspondence, and webpage.
  6. Assist the Program Coordinator in training undergraduate staff members on workshop delivery so they can easily and effectively deliver workshops.
  7. Other duties as assigned appropriate to scope and success of the position.


  1. Experience, or a strong professional interest, in teaching or delivering workshops.
  2. Interest in and ability to perform research and assist in program development.
  3. Strong leadership and mentoring skills.

Applicants must submit a writing sample to be considered for this position.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Assistant

The Academic Advising center works with Undergraduate students to support them throughout their Suffolk journey. The Advisors help students balance personal interests with curriculum and graduation requirements. The Center’s mission is to show students how to make their college experience count now and in life after college.

The Advising Graduate Fellow will work closely with staff to implement advising programs, leverage technology tools, and support a fast-paced student-oriented center.


Student Affairs Graduate Fellow

Position Description

Graduate Assistant for the Office of Student Affairs

The Graduate Assistant for Student Affairs provides support and assistance to the Assistant Dean of Students and Senior Associate Dean of Students to contribute to the goals and vision of the Division of Student Affairs. 

Serves all undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Sawyer Business School.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a conduct officer: meet with students to review alleged violations of the Community Standards, make determinations of fact in conduct cases, recommend case outcomes to achieve educational and developmental goals, complete requisite case paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Act as a resource person and referral agent. He/she will advise students regarding personal, educational and behavioral concerns. He/she will counsel students within the limitations of training and refer students to appropriate campus services as needed.
  • Serve as a positive role model for students and to adhere to the strictest of standards of confidentiality.
  • Maintain accurate records and notes.
  • Manage the parental notification process.
  • Assist with office's assessment projects. This may include collecting and interpreting data and drafting reports.
  • Meet regularly with practicum supervisor.
  • Tracking sanction completion.
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Preference will be given to applicants with demonstrated ability in the following areas:

  • Ability to listen and analyze behavior, thoughts and attitudes.
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Ability to interpret rules and regulations.
  • Experience in higher education and/or student personnel or student development preferred.
  • Ability to work with diverse constituencies.
  • Excellent interpersonal and good organizational skills.
  • Ability to work as a team member.


Student Leadership and Involvement Graduate Fellow

The four (4) Graduate Fellows are active members of the Student Leadership & Involvement staff. They will work in the office in a number of different capacities – each fellow will serve as a program advisor for a small number of our student organizations. Developing a strong relationship with club leaders will be important to advising them in their personal and organizational development. Each fellow will also be assigned:


  • A committee of the Program Council to advise for the year.
  • A Journey Leadership Program event to plan and coordinate each semester.
  • At least one special project to be determined by the SLI staff


Other opportunities will include contributing to the development of leadership and community building programs along with the rest of the staff. This position will also be customized to include responsibilities from a variety of Student Affairs functions in order to match the interests and skills of the individual.


  1. Full-time, matriculated student in a Suffolk graduate program.
  2. Demonstrated commitment to and willingness to learn about student development.
  3. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Ability to handle multiple tasks.
  5. Innovative and creative thinker.
  6. Ability to work nights and weekends as required.


Time Commitment


  1. Graduate Fellows are required to participate in a training/planning prior to the beginning of their first academic semester.
  2. Complete office hours each week during the academic calendar as agreed to with Director and Associate Director. These hours must include Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, 12:00pm-3:00pm and designated staff meeting times.
  3. Schedule and maintain office hours as appropriate for advising responsibilities.
  4. Some evening and weekend hours are necessary.



  1. Serve as an SLI Program Advisor to a number of SGA recognized organizations. This includes meeting with student leaders, assisting them with event planning, and serving as an event advisor when necessary.
  2. Work with other campus departments to facilitate all aspects of student event logistics, including facilities, catering, media services, etc.
  3. Work directly with the Associate Director to co-advise a Program Council (PC) committee. This includes attendance at PC general and executive board meetings, and advising PC events.
  4. Coordinate and execute at least one Journey Leadership program each semester.
  5. Coordinate and execute at least one SLI special project.
  6. Serve on the LEAP (Leadership Education and Programming) Conference planning committee.
  7. Other duties as assigned.



Wellness Programming in Counseling, Health & Wellness Services

Wellness Services in the department of Counseling, Health & Wellness is looking for a Graduate Fellow who would be an active member of the team. 

In this position, a graduate fellow would assist the Assistant Director on marketing and creating student health programming activities and co-supervise the Suffolk University Peer-health EducatoRs (SUPERs). 

Tasks would include:

  • Leading weekly meetings with the SUPERs
  • Managing program requests
  • Creating program promotional materials
  • Managing social media. 
In addition, the fellow will work with other departmental and student affairs staff to execute programs around health and wellness. 

An ideal candidate would have good communication skills, experience in marketing (specifically with InDesign and Photoshop), the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, to work independently, and previous experience leading a student group is a plus. If interested, please indicate this on your cover letter.


Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is seeking a graduate student who has the following experience, attributes and skills. We prefer applicants who have previous office experience in a Human Service and/or Mental Health Center. We prefer to interview master’s degree applicants from either the Mental Health Counseling or the School Counseling program.

Principal Duties, Responsibilities, and other Job-Related Information


  • Office experience
  • Phones
  • Management of schedules
  • Research

Experience in a human service setting (preferred)


Sensitivity to the nature of Mental Health Counseling

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Mature/responsible/reliable
  • Professional manner
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to take direction
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to work independently

Computer Skills

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
SSPS experience (preferred)


Graduate Residence Director

Department: Residence Life and Housing
Reports to: Residence Director

Summary of Position

The Department of Residence Life and Housing is committed to a comprehensive residential program; one that blends the co-curricular with the academic to create a comprehensive educational environment assisting all residents in achieving their fullest potential. Within the Department, there are three Graduate Residence Directors (GRDs) who are essential in creating this environment. Graduate Residence Directors are required to be enrolled in a full-time Master’s Program at Suffolk University and report directly to a Residence Director. This position requires 16 hours of work per week. 

GRDs are responsible for supporting the daily management of a residence hall and Resident Assistant staff. GRDs are provided opportunities to broaden and deepen their experience through participation in departmental committees, RA staff training, RA staff selection and evaluations, program development, implement and assessment and through hearing and adjudicating minor conduct cases. 

This is a live-in position that assumes additional RA responsibilities and on-call responsibilities.  



Candidates must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree, must be enrolled at Suffolk University as a full-time Master’s candidate and must be eligible for a Graduate Fellowship position. Also, candidates must have demonstrated leadership in Residence Life, Summer Programs (conferences) or Campus Activities. A strong educational background and interest in working with freshman and sophomore residential students is also important. The successful candidate will be subject to a criminal background check.

Principal Responsibilities


  • For live-in position only: Serve as the RA for a small floor/community of residents, which includes all RA responsibilities and serve in a 24 hour RD on call rotation
  • Assist with staff (work-study employees and Resident Assistants) selection, training, supervision and evaluation
  • Facilitate and implement programming in and between buildings- including meeting with and supporting RA programming groups, keeping accurate records of programs and assessing programming initiatives
  • Assist with roommate conflicts and mediations
  • Develop and implement 1-2 in-service trainings for the RAs during the academic year
  • Support Departmental educational initiatives such as newsletters, passive programming and social media
  • Serve as a Student Conduct hearing officer


Departmental Responsibilities


  • Attend weekly building staff meetings on Wednesdays from 8:30pm-10:30pm and weekly professional staff meetings
  • Represent the Department of Residence Life and Housing on designated committees as assigned
  • Assist in recruitment of Residence Life and Housing paraprofessional, graduate and professional staff members
  • Assist with divisional and campus –wide events, including, but not limited to, Open House, Suffolk Showcase, Family Weekend, Convocation, Commencement, Academic Recognition Day, Leadership Awards, etc.
  • Special Projects as needed and other duties as assigned


Position Complexities/Working Conditions

All Graduate Residence Directors must:


  • Work extended hours during peak times of the academic year, including evenings and occasional weekends
  • Attend all trainings, which are not paid time. Trainings include but are not limited to: Fall Training in mid-August, Winter Training in early January, monthly in- services and other training sessions for GRDs
  • Live on campus in a residence hall or apartment community
  • Participate in a RD on-call duty rotation providing coverage 7 days a week, 24-hours a day, including some holidays
  • Serve as a Resident Assistant (RA) for a small community of residents—See RA Work Agreement for details regarding RA responsibilities and expectations.


Compensation for Graduate Fellowship Responsibilities

The Graduate Residence Director position is a Fellowship position and therefore, all GRDs receive a $13,000 award, posted as a $7,200 grant towards tuition, and $5,800 paid biweekly based on a required 16 hours of employment per week over 30 weeks.

Compensation for Live In/ RA Responsibilities

Graduate Residence Directors who live in the residence hall will receive a single room, local phone service, internet and cable/satellite television based upon employment. GRDs may have to purchase their own meal plan.


ResidenceLifeandHousingWorkAgreement.pdf [PDF]

Off-Campus Housing Graduate Fellow

The graduate fellow is supervised by the Director of Off-Campus Housing and is a resource to all students, current and prospective, who are seeking off-campus housing. 

Primary responsibilities 

  • Maintaining user database
  • Planning and attending weekly Stay Connected Tabling
  • Working with the Commuter Ambassadors on programming
  • Attending various university events to represent the office.


  1. Must be a full-time matriculated graduate student at Suffolk University at the time of employment, preferably in Administration of Higher Education or a related field
  2. Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff
  3. Strong written and verbal communication skills
  4. Ability to handle multiple tasks
  5. Ability to work nights and weekends if necessary


  1. Provide high-level assistance to the Director with special projects as designated.
  2. Act as telephone and in-person receptionist for the Off-Campus Housing Office
  3. Outreach and assist new and returning Graduate, Law and Undergraduate students in the search for off-campus housing
  4. Assist in promoting special events and community activities (Telephone outreach, handing out flyers, posting flyers, emails and sending out tip cards)
  5. Plan and attend weekly Stay Connected Table
  6. Assist with the OCHO Housing Search Programs (prepare materials, confirm attendance, verify information, assist with logistics, order supplies)
  7. Help maintain and update online apartment and roommate listings
  8. Attend various events to represent the Off-Campus Housing Office, as needed
  9. Maintain and photocopy OCHO packet materials, ensure Off-Campus Housing Resource Center is fully stocked with relevant brochures
  10. Attend regular staff meetings with OCHO staff
  11. Schedule and maintain office hours as appropriate
  12. Provide office coverage in absence of the Director
  13. Maintains a positive attitude toward others and accept others whose lifestyles and attitudes are different from their own
  14. Participate in Safe Zone training


Any questions or concerns may be sent to 

Community Service and Service Learning Graduate Fellow

The Graduate Fellow for Community Service and Service Learning is an active member of the Center for Community Engagement (S.O.U.L.S.). Responsibilities include providing support for the service learning program, including the coordination of the service learning faculty assistant program. 

The Graduate Fellow works in conjunction with the Director of Service Learning to promote community building through programmatic efforts, campus publications and interaction with students, faculty and staff.

Principal duties, responsibilities, and other job-related information:

  • Coordinate all aspects of the Service Learning Faculty Assistant Program.
  • Conduct service learning orientations as needed.
  • Provide administrative support to the service learning program.
  • Schedule and maintain office hours as appropriate.
  • Other duties as assigned.