Alumni and friends of the university can serve as hosts for our sophomore job shadow/externship program. Offered during the spring semester, these are unpaid opportunities that vary from a half-day to a full day, providing an inside look at a job, firm, career field, or industry.

Students see first-hand how the organization runs and what and how work is done in a typical workday. They learn the expectations firms have of their employees, the organizational culture and pace, and they gain a sense of how their own interests and skills fit in this environment.

The main goal is to expose sophomores to their field of interest at a crucial time in their academic and career decision making process. It provides a broader picture with which to think about their studies and co-curricular experiences as they relate to a specific industry or job. Participating students also gain insights into their academic major and minor choices and future course selection.

Students are paired with sponsors according to the student's interests and location preferences and preferences expressed by the sponsor. Students may range from those eager to explore a job/career, but with little experience, to those who have extensive experience and are looking to understand a new industry.

In 2015, job shadow days will take place during the Spring semester, between February 15th and April 17th, depending upon the sponsor and student schedule.

Benefits for Alumni and Friends

By providing a job shadow experience to one or more students, you have a concrete and simple way to support current business and liberal arts students and give back to your alma mater. There is no cost to sponsors for providing job shadowing experiences.

Sponsors benefit from greater visibility in the community, particularly with current students and Suffolk’s thousands of alumni. By enhancing a robust college experience, you help ensure that students are better prepared for their careers. In doing so, you strengthen Suffolk’s reputation.

Finally, sponsoring a sophomore lets you observe the interests, qualifications, and abilities of students who may later apply for internships, part-time, or full-time positions within your firm/organization.

Suggested Experiences and Tasks

  • Tour of the organization
  • Shadow the sponsor and/or colleagues during the workday
  • Observe general office tasks, staff meetings, and interactions of one or more departments
  • Observe client interactions or assist clients directly
  • Assist with office tasks or projects; prepare or proofread documents
  • Experience employee demonstration of industry-specific software or tools
  • Review the organization’s website, mission, marketing collateral, organizational charts
  • Meal with sponsor or others (typical of what staff might do if lunching together)
  • Conduct informational interviews to understand the firm, industry,future trends, and career paths within this field
  • Meet HR staff to understand what they look for when hiring college graduates
  • Meet with Suffolk alumni who work within the organization
  • Introduce extern to a new employee to give him/her a "fresh perspective"
  • Shadow a current college intern for a day


If you have any questions, please contact Joanna Lazarek in the Career Development Center.