An understanding of culture or region of the world other than one’s own is an important part of a liberal education and key to developing future leaders in an increasingly interdependent global society. Suffolk University therefore encourages and assists students who wish to participate in the college’s diverse study abroad opportunities. Our programs and practices are reviewed regularly and are in compliance with the standards of good practice for the field of education abroad as set forth by the Forum on Education Abroad.

Goals of the Office of Study Abroad Programs:

  • To promote study abroad opportunities that are in keeping with the educational aims of Suffolk University
  • To provide excellent study abroad opportunities with high-quality academic content and instruction, and appropriate evaluation of students.
  • To ensure that study abroad opportunities accommodate a wide range of disciplines.
  • To provide opportunities in diverse regions of the world.
  • To ensure that programs are well integrated into the local community, encourage immersion of the student into the local culture and encourage study of the local languages, while affirming that formal academic component of study abroad is of primary importance.
  • To integrate study abroad into student’s four-year program to the fullest extent possible, including developing the means by which returning students can actively contribute to international awareness and programming on campus.
  • To make a full range of program options available to all qualified students.