ADI 333/733 Contemporary Spanish Architecture (3 credits)
Jesús Donaire
This seminar aims to reveal the key elements of contemporary practices by analyzing the relationship between the masters of Spanish architecture of the 20th century and the generations following. Class lectures will be accompanied by site visits to Madrid buildings designed by these architects, as well as to the studio offices where some of them actually work, to familiarize the students with how these small-scale firms develop their projects. Students will individually carry out a conceptual analysis of a prominent building through sketching and diagrammatic modeling of its principal architectural elements, with a final presentation of the results to a panel of critics. Prerequisites: None

ADI S303/S603 & S305/S605 Contract Design I & II (3 credits)
Anna Gitelman
This course focuses on designing commercial spaces for corporate, institutional, or retail clients. Contract interior design involves issues posed by people in the work environment and in organizations. It is also the physical embodiment of a company or organization’s psyche, mission, and aspirations. Students will focus on local projects, keeping commercial European precedents, design processes, human factors, furniture specification, and presentation tech-niques in mind. Prerequisite: ADI S201 Interior Design Studio I. This course runs May 19-July 3.

CJN 491 Lens on Spain - Photojournalism in Madrid (4 credits)
Ken Martin
This course is an intense, month-long class based at the SU Madrid Campus learning photography as it relates to the journalistic process. Students will learn basic photography with the digital camera, professional photography processes and techniques, and how to make news photos and photo essays. We will focus on social documentation, portraits, landscapes, and panorama. Course content will also include the history of photography, the work of great photographers as related to Spain, and how to work in a foreign environment. Students will produce individual and group portfolios for exhibit at SUMC at the end of the session and at SUBC in the fall. Prerequisites: None.

MKT 420 Marketing for Entrepreneurs (3 credits)
David Hartstein
This course covers the role of marketing for entrepreneurs and start-up companies as they attempt to define and carve out a market for a new company, product or service. We will examine through both class discussion and case study how marketing must infiltrate the entire organization beginning with the concept, the marketing plan and through the early stage development phase. Prerequisites: MKT 210

SCI 112/L112 Astronomy II with Lab (4 credits)
Francisco Jiménez Esteban
Astronomy of the Cosmos; sun, stars, interstellar materials, galaxies, pulsars, quasars, black holes; nature of time relativity cosmology. For non-science majors. Prerequisites: None. This course runs May 12-June 19.

SOC 228 Social, Cultural & Global Perspectives (4 credits)
Carmen N. Veloria
Enables students to examine, as well as develop an awareness and appreciation of, diversity within today's society. Providing an overview of the major racial, ethnic, and cultural groups in the U.S., the focus is on the ways in which cultural awareness enhances professional helping relationships and improves the operation of human services systems. Prerequisites: None.

SPAN 210 Spanish in the Workplace (4 credits)
Rafael Cabañas Alamán
Through a systematic review of grammar, a diversity of readings, and oral as well as written work, students will increase their lexical and grammatical knowledge of Spanish language specific to the workplace in order to communicate more easily and comfortably. Students will also be better prepared to deal with the specific themes related to business introduced in the course. Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or appropriate score on Spanish Placement Exam.

STATS 250 Applied Statistics (4 credits)
Alfonso Taboada Vázquez
Application of statistical analysis to real-world business and economic problems. Topics include data presentation, descriptive statistics including measures of location and dispersion, introduction to probability, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical inference including estimation and hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression analyses. Prerequisites: None.