ADI S303/S603 & S305/S605 Contract Design I & II (3 credits)
Assistant Professor Anna Gitelman
This course focuses on designing commercial spaces for corporate, institutional, or retail clients. Contract interior design involves issues posed by people in the work environment and in organizations. It is also the physical embodiment of a company or organization’s psyche, mission, and aspirations. Students will focus on local projects, keeping commercial European precedents, design processes, human factors, furniture specification, and presentation tech-niques in mind. Prerequisite: ADI S201 Interior Design Studio I. This course runs May 20-June 28.

CJN 177 Professional Communication (4 credits)
Assistant Professor Dana Rosengard
An introduction to the processes of professional communication, with emphasis on oral presentations, report writing, effective listening, and interpersonal communication in the business environment. Required of all students in the Sawyer Business School. Prerequisites: None.

EC 445 Economics of the European Union (4 credits)
Topics in European Union trade and finance. The policy implications of each economic aspect are explored and the effect of them on the welfare of the European Union is examined. Prerequisites: EC 101 and EC 102.

HST 248 Peaceful Coexistence: Muslims, Christians & Jews in Medieval Iberia (4 credits)
Professor Martín Corral Solaeta
This course provides a historical survey (711-1492) of Muslim and Christian occupied territories on the Iberian Peninsula (modern-day Spain and Portugal), focusing on principal events and broad trends. Special emphasis will be placed on tolerance as manifested in the toleration of religious minorities, cultural and scientific interaction, translation and peaceful coexistence (convivencia); and on intolerance as manifested through warfare (jihad, crusade), frontier mentality, massacres, forced conversions, the setting up of the Inquisition and the final expulsion of the Jews in 1492 and of the descendants of the converted Muslims or moriscos in 1609 and 1814. Prerequisites: None.

MKT 317 Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
Adjunct Professor Amy Meyer
This course looks at consumer marketing from two perspectives: (1) that of the consumer… how and why consumers choose, purchase, consume, and dispose of what products (goods and services); and (2) that of the marketing/brand manager striving to meet consumer wants and needs. We look at consumers through several lenses, including the personal, cultural, and theoretical, while stressing how consumer understanding underlies effective brand management. Prerequisite: MKT 210.

PSYCH 222 Human Sexuality (4 credits)
Professor Gary Fireman
This course serves as an introduction to the academic field of human sexuality—the interdis-ciplinary study of human sexual behavior, sexual identity, and culture. After briefly addressing anatomical and physiological bases of human sexuality, we will explore the many ways that sexuality influences people throughout the lifespan. Prerequisites: None.

SCI 112/L112 Astronomy II with Lab (4 credits)
Professor Francisco Jiménez Esteban
Astronomy of the Cosmos; sun, stars, interstellar materials, galaxies, pulsars, quasars, black holes; nature of time relativity cosmology. For non-science majors. Prerequisites: None. This course runs May 20-June 27.

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
Study and practice of oral and written language skills. Class activities are organized around cultural themes that reflect the diversity of the Hispanic world. Prerequisites: Appropriate score on Spanish Placement Exam.

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (4 credits)
Systematic review of Spanish grammar and study of Spanish through texts of cultural interest. Development of written and oral skills through compositions and audiovisual materials. Prerequisites: SPAN 102 or appropriate score on Spanish Placement Exam.

SPAN 210 Spanish in the Workplace (4 credits)
Professor Rafael Cabañas Alamán
Through a systematic review of grammar, a diversity of readings, and oral as well as written work, students will increase their lexical and grammatical knowledge of Spanish language specific to the workplace in order to communicate more easily and comfortably. Students will also be better prepared to deal with the specific themes related to business introduced in the course. Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or appropriate score on Spanish Placement Exam.

SPAN 350 Spanish Cultural Studies (4 credits)
Professor Robert Greenan
This is an interdisciplinary course, focusing on fundamentally important themes in the development of Spanish culture. This course includes field trips, lectures, and visits to the theater and cinema. Language of instruction: English. Prerequisites: None.

STATS 250 Applied Statistics (4 credits)
Professor Alfonso Taboada
Application of statistical analysis to real-world business and economic problems. Topics include data presentation, descriptive statistics including measures of location and dispersion, introduction to probability, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical inference including estimation and hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression analyses. Prerequisites: None.

THETR 319 Flamenco in Madrid (4 credits)
Professor Marilyn Plotkins
This three-week intensive course is taught at the internationally-renowned cultural center Casa Patas, a mecca for flamenco in Madrid. Studio courses are taught by English-speaking, classically-trained professional flamenco artists and supplemented by explorations of Spanish history and culture. This course will culminate with a demonstration for an invited audience at the Casa Patas Studio at the end of the three-week session in Madrid. Prerequisites: None. This course runs May 20–June 14.