EC 445 Economics of the European Union (4 credits)
An economic analysis of the European Union, the history of European monetary and economic integration and the creation of the Euro. A survey of the development and evolution of key European policies, such competition, industry, agriculture, environment, regional, etc. A discussion of economic implications of the enlargement of the European Union, as well as its trade relations with the U.S. and other countries within the context of the World Trade Organization. An analysis of the current economic situation of Spain as a member of EU. Prerequisites: EC 101 and EC 102. Elementary statistics and mathematics are also desirable.

MKT 420 Marketing for Entrepreneurs (3 credits)
David Hartstein
This course covers the role of marketing for entrepreneurs and start-up companies as they attempt to define and carve out a market for a new company, product or service. We will examine through both class discussion and case study how marketing must infiltrate the entire organization beginning with the concept, the marketing plan and through the early stage development phase. Prerequisites: MKT 210.

PSYCH 222 Human Sexuality (4 credits)
Gary Fireman
Examines the field of human sexuality across the life span. Topics include: sexual anatomy and physiology, sexual development, typical and atypical sexual behavior, sexual dysfunctions, current research on human sexuality, and relationship issues as they relate to sexuality and intimacy. Prerequisites: None.

SCI 112/L112 Astronomy II with Lab (4 credits)
Hristo Stoev
Astronomy of the Cosmos; sun, stars, interstellar materials, galaxies, pulsars, quasars, black holes; nature of time relativity cosmology. For non-science majors. Prerequisites: None.

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
Rafael Cabañas Alamán
Practice in both oral and written language skills. Class activities are organized around cultural themes that reflect the diversity of the Hispanic world and its interconnectedness with the rest of the world. This course is for students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish or who have been placed at the level by the placement exam. Students will practice all skills so that they are able to read, write, speak and understand Spanish with as much fluidity as possible. Students will also be introduced to the cultures of the contemporary Spanish-speaking world through a variety of activities which will help them progress and practice the basic linguistic skills Prerequisites: None.

SPAN 295 Spanish in the Workplace (4 credits)
Rafael Cabañas Alamán
Through a systematic review of grammar, a diversity of readings, and oral as well as written work, students will increase their lexical and grammatical knowledge of Spanish language specific to the workplace in order to communicate more easily and comfortably. Students will also be better prepared to deal with the specific themes related to business introduced in the course. Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or appropriate score on Spanish Placement Exam.

STATS 250 Applied Statistics (4 credits)
Kirk Tennant
Application of statistical analysis to real-world business and economic problems. Topics include data presentation, descriptive statistics including measures of location and dispersion, introduction to probability, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical inference including estimation and hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression analyses. Prerequisites: MATH 128 or higher.