MKT 420 Marketing for Entrepreneurs (3 credits)
David Hartstein
This course covers the role of marketing for entrepreneurs and start-up companies as they attempt to define and carve out a market for a new company, product or service. We will examine through both class discussion and case study how marketing must infiltrate the entire organization beginning with the concept, the marketing plan and through the early stage development phase.
Prerequisites: MKT 210 or Instructor´s consent.

SCI 112/L112 Astronomy II with Lab (4 credits)
Francisco Jiménez Esteban
Astronomy of the Cosmos; sun, stars, interstellar materials, galaxies, pulsars, quasars, black holes; nature of time relativity cosmology. For non-science majors.
Prerequisites: None.

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
Practice in both oral and written language skills. Class activities are organized around cultural themes that reflect the diversity of the Hispanic world and its interconnectedness with the rest of the world. This course is for students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish or who have been placed at the level by the placement exam. Students will practice all skills so that they are able to read, write, speak and understand Spanish with as much fluidity as possible. Students will also be introduced to the cultures of the contemporary Spanish-speaking world through a variety of activities which will help them progress and practice the basic linguistic skills.
Prerequisites: None.