Suffolk University Madrid Campus

Student Personal Profile:

Please fill out this questionnaire thoughtfully and thoroughly. Besides helping us get to know you better before your arrival, it will also help us select the best possible family, roommate, or flatmate for you, depending on your living arrangement preference. You are not obliged to answer the questionnaire fully, though it is extremely useful in assuring you the best possible housing assignment. Questions 5 and 6 are vital, however, and must be answered in detail.
1. What is your current living situation?
2. Have you ever lived on your own?
Yes No
3. Do you smoke?
Yes No
4. Do you have any dietary restrictions?
Yes No
If yes, please specify using the space and list below. (Please check all that apply.)
I will only eat:
I do not eat red meat.
I do not eat poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.).
I do not eat pork.
I do not eat fish.
I do not eat shellfish.
I do not eat dairy.
I do not eat eggs.
I eat only vegetables.
I am a picky eater (please explain):

5. Do you have any allergies—food, medical, or otherwise?*
Yes No
Please explain this vital information in detail.
6. Do you have any medical condition(s) we should know about?*
Yes No
If so, please explain in detail.
7. What are your special interests and what kinds of activities do you most enjoy (academic, athletic, hobbies)? Please be specific.
8. Do you consider yourself shy?
Yes No
9. Do you make friends easily?
Yes No
10. How do you feel about pets and/ or children in the home?
11. What kind of hours do you keep? How often do you plan to go out at night?
12. Would you prefer to be near campus or in the city center?

Please note: Accommodations near our campus are a 10– 15 minute walk; accommodations in the city center require a 20– 35 minute commute by subway.
13. How would you describe your level of Spanish? How important a priority is improving your Spanish while you are here?
14. What do you most look forward to about your future stay in Spain?
15. What worries you most about your time in Spain?
16. Is there anything else you would like to add? (Roommate requests must be mutually requested)
17. Will you allow the Housing Department to share your contact details with your future roommates?*
Yes No

Thank you for providing us with this information