Suffolk University Madrid Campus

Housing Contract:

Mr./Ms. is signing this contract to live in housing provided by Suffolk University Madrid Campus during the time period from to .

  1. The student has the right to use the facilities at the University residence/apartment. In order to do so, the student must abide by all stated rules. In cases where the student does not abide by the rules, the University reserves the right to expel him/her from housing. Expulsion from University housing also means forfeiting the right to any refunds.
  2. The student must take good care of all facilities. Students are required to keep all facilities they use clean and in good working order, ready for use by other students.
  3. Excessive use of housing utilities will result in additional charges for residents.
  4. In the case of damages to the dwelling or additional expenses, and if it is not possible to determine the person(s) responsible, all residents of the same University housing will be charged in equal parts (pro-rated) for the reparation. The refund of the damage deposit is conditional upon the state of the housing facilities at the time of departure. Additional cleaning and/or repair charges, as well as library fines, can also be deducted from the damage deposit.
  5. Smoking, alcohol, and/or drugs are prohibited in all University housing facilities, in all circumstances.
  6. Current Suffolk students only are allowed to visit shared apartments from 11am until 10pm.
  7. Students must abide by their own residence's visitor policy and rules in general.
  8. Visitors are not permitted in host families' homes.
  9. Overnight guests are not permitted in any University housing; this could be the cause of direct expulsion from housing.
  10. Students are not permitted to use University housing facilities to engage in sexual relations.
  11. Students will be respectful to neighbors and must not engage in activities that may bother others, such as partying or playing loud music.
  12. Food is allowed in the kitchen/dining areas only, not in rooms or TV lounges.
  13. Students must not use other students' properties without obtaining prior permission.
  14. Pets are not permitted in University housing.
  15. Each student is responsible for his/her own belongings. The University cannot be responsible for any damage to student property, or any property that is lost or stolen.
  16. Housing facilities are supervised regularly, either by a Suffolk representative or the owner of the apartment/residence. Students must agree to facilitate the periodic inspection of all rooms and facilities.
  17. Students are not allowed to change housing assignments on their own.
  18. Students must not be party to any illegal activities in or outside University housing.
  19. Students who withdraw from University housing before or during the semester will forfeit their damage deposit and a percentage of their housing fees. (Please consult the student handbook.)
  20. Students who change from one University housing option to another without justified and pre-approved cause will have to compensate the owner of the housing facility for any financial loss caused by the move.

I agree to allow Suffolk University to contact my parents/guardians if there is any violation of any clauses included in this housing contract.

Any student who does not comply with the above housing rules will be dismissed from University housing and will forfeit the right to any refunds. I understand and accept all the conditions of the Suffolk University Housing Contract.

I Agree

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