Row your boat at Retiro Park

Being in a home where only Spanish was spoken was a great learning opportunity. I now have much more confidence in my ability to speak and I thank my teacher for helping me learn and become a better speaker.

I learned a lot about Spain’s kings & queens and the different phases of the country – the Celts, Iberians, Celt-Iberians, Philip II, etc. Spain has been shaped by many different cultures and settlers, which have made it the great culture it is today! I also learned that the traditional Flamenco music is an integral part of the culture and has influenced many modern musicians.

I realize how much I love traveling and how anxious I am to come back! I also want to learn Spanish and study Spain’s culture much more. Thank you for the most incredible trip of my life!
Katherine, senior from Colorado


I chose to do this program because it was a great opportunity to travel abroad, learn more about the Spanish language and immerse myself in the Spanish culture.

The most enjoyable part of my time in Spain was going to the Retiro Park. It showed how relaxed and sociable Spain is on a Sunday. I loved it!
Dominique, sophomore from New Jersey


I thought the program was really interesting because it was multi-faceted: we visited a lot of interesting places, we took (what seemed like) college classes, and we lived with host families.

The combination of speaking with my host family and talking in class has been really good and has helped me learn more about Spanish in Spain versus in Mexico, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

I really liked the daytrip to Segovia. Learning about the castle (the alcázar) and then climbing to the top of the tower was really fun!
Max, senior from Massachusetts


I’ve never liked foreign foods. I’ve found that I actually can enjoy foods I otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my Spanish speaking skills, and I can understand people better. I know that I can be independent – even in another country.

Everything was amazing. There wasn’t one thing that I disliked. My host family couldn’t have been more perfect, and I was able to learn so much.
Allison, senior from Massachusetts


There’s more to Spain’s history than just Columbus and Flamenco. You get a first-hand experience with people who live here, so they don’t just teach you the history, you also learn the current stuff too. Trust me, I asked my heart out, and they knew it all.

Before this trip, I knew that I really wanted to study abroad in college. Now, I am sure that it will happen and that I’ll even be able to handle it.

If I could do it again, I would in a heartbeat. I have a really good impression of the program and won’t stop talking about it for months!
Ryan, junior from New York


Some of the best memories I have come from this trip. I made some friends I will never forget.

I’ve learned about how I interact with people, my learning abilities and my judgment. I judge things and people way too fast, and by being here I’ve noticed an openness in myself that I never knew I had.
Emily, sophomore from Colorado


I wanted to improve my Spanish in an atmosphere which revolved around the language. When I received an email to travel abroad to Spain, the homeland of Spanish, I immediately knew it was for me.

My Spanish listening skills improved immensely living with my host mom, who only spoke Spanish around me. My speaking improved a little but this program showed me my strengths and weaknesses within the language.

I loved Segovia. Seeing something as old as the aqueduct was amazing and something you don’t feel in the USA, where most “old things” are only 200-400 years old.
Gabrielle, senior from New Jersey


Before this program, my knowledge of Spain was essentially bullfights and Flamenco. Now, my perception consists of so much more, thanks to the trips and the teachers’ lessons.

I think staying with my host family was the most enjoyable part because I learned so much from them and got to really practice the language. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Amy, senior from Massachusetts