Withdrawal Refund Policy: If it becomes necessary for the student to withdraw from the University, the student is expected to complete an official Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form. This form is available from the Madrid Campus Registrar. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal from the university or from a course(s). Financial liability will be based upon the date that the form is received by the Madrid Registrar.

Before making a decision to withdraw or take a leave, students should be aware of the financial implications. In some cases, the student could be ineligible for financial aid that was scheduled to be received. Charges that were to be covered by financial aid would become the student's responsibility.

Late Withdrawal Fee: If the student chooses to withdraw 30 days or less before the start of courses, a $600 Late Withdraw Fee will be applied to the account.

Activitiy Fee: The Student Activities Fee is non-refundable 15 days or less prior to the first day of classes.

Health Insurance: All students studying at the Madrid Campus must participate in the university-sponsored health insurance plan.

Tuition Refund Plan (Fall/Spring)

Withdrawal Period % Of Tuition Fee Fefunded
From the first day of classes* to the end of the add/drop period (1st week of classes) 100%
2nd week of classes* 50%
3rd week of classes* 25%
4th week of classes* 0%

Tuition Refund Plan (Summer)

Withdrawal Period % Of Tuition Fee Fefunded
1st week of classes* 100%
2nd week of classes* 50%
After the 2nd week of classes* 0%

Tuition Liability: Tuition liability will be based on the date in which the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form is received by the Registrar’s Office.

Summer Fees Excluding Tuition: For the Summer Session, all fees, excluding tuition, will be non-refundable 15 days or less prior to the first day of classes.

Housing Refund Plan (Fall/Spring)

Students who leave University Housing will need to communicate this to the SUMC Housing Director. When a student withdraws from the University, cancelling his/her registration from all of his/her courses, it is understood that he or she is also leaving University Housing on the date stated in the Withdraw Form submitted to SUMC Registrar’s Office.

If the student is expelled from University Housing for disciplinary reasons, no refund of the Housing Fee will be issued.

The following schedule is based on the date of withdrawal on the Withdrawal Form:

Withdraw Period % Of Housing Fee Refunded
Between 15 days before arrival date and 14 days after arrival date* 70%
Within the calendar month of arrival date* 50%
After the first calendar month of arrival date* 0%

* All dates based on SUMC Academic Calendar

Damage Deposit: The Damage Deposit is 100% refundable only if there are no damages to SUMC housing facilities upon departure. Please be aware that additional cleaning and/or repairing charges, and library fines can also be deducted from the Damage Deposit. The full amount would be returned only to those residents who had lived in University sponsored housing the entire term in question, and only after all deductions or compensations had been made.

Please be aware that course withdrawals, fee waivers, partial or total refunds, or any discount on billed amounts, may have a direct effect on your Financial Aid package. For more details on this matter please consult the following link.

Contact the Business Office

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