Six-Year Bachelor's/Law Degree Program (BA/JD, BS/JD, BSJ/JD)

A limited number of outstanding Suffolk full-time day division undergraduates may gain early admission to the Law School at the end of their junior year of college. Such students are able to earn the combined bachelor’s degree and the Juris Doctor degree in six years instead of the customary seven. The first three years of study are at the College of Arts & Sciences and the final three years are at Suffolk University Law School. The bachelor’s degree is awarded after the successful completion of the first full year of law study.

Students who seek early admission to Suffolk University Law School must enter Suffolk University as freshmen and complete 96 semester hours toward the bachelor’s degree. This credit must include all required courses for the particular degree and major that the student selects, with the exception that the first full year of law study is substituted for major courses and electives that are normally taken in the senior year. Credit earned at other colleges or through the CLEP test may not be counted toward the 96 semester hours. Only Suffolk students with distinctly superior records and LSAT scores can expect to qualify for early admissions and combined degrees. Students interested in applying to the 3+3 program should notify the department chair of their intention by the end of the sophomore year.

Applicants to law school normally take the LSAT in the fall semester of the senior Year (or of their junior Year if applying for early admission and combined degrees). The Law School Admission Committee will make a decision after it receives a completed application.

Prospective law students will find additional information in the Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools published by the Law School Admission Council. This publication contains information on pre-law study, a brief word picture of most American law schools, and other relevant information.