How to Register for Classes Online

If you are unsure about how to register for classes through MySuffolk, these instructions will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Reading Your Program Evaluation

Your Program Evaluation lists all of your degree requirements. Follow along with this narrated webpage that will walk you through reading your program evaluation step-by-step.

Study Tips + Resources

Could your time management and study skills use some work? Looking for a better study partner? Check out these tips and resources from the Center for Learning and Academic Success. 

Online + Hybrid Course Help

Are you enrolled in your first online or hybrid class? The Center for Learning & Academic Success has great information about format, discussion boards, web chats, and expectations. Learn more

Calculate your GPA

Do you want to estimate your GPA at the end of a semester or learn what grades your need to earn to improve your GPA? Try the GPA calculator.

Steps to Getting a Job

The Career Development Center has created a "Roadmap to Success" that allows you to take small steps each year to get that first job out of college.