Residences are located on a designated floor of an apartment building. Many residences are found in the heart of the city and are close to bus and subway stations. Students who want to live in a small community, but not in a family environment, usually choose this option. SUMC generally uses small residences with approximately 8-15 students. Most rooms are doubles. You should be aware that because the residences we use are fairly small, they do not offer the flexibility or extra services that you may find in dorms or hostels. Most of our residences are co-ed.

Services included in this option are: laundry (one load a week), cleaning, internet connection, half board meal plan. Internet connections may not be as fast as what you are used to in the US, mainly because of the number of users in a residence and internet speed is typically slower in Europe in general.

SEE: Guidelines for living in a student residence (PDF)

Meal plan: your housing fee covers a half board meal plan (14 meals per week - daily breakfast and either lunch or dinner), which means that you’ll have to plan and budget for the other daily meal (lunch or dinner). You may take advantage of the student prices you will find in cafeterias and restaurants in the area near campus. Students do not have kitchen privileges. However, there’s normally a fridge and some cabinets for students to keep their own food, as well as coffee makers, microwaves and toasters.

Residences have set weekly menus and meal times, typically: breakfast 7:30am-10:00am; lunch 1:30pm-3:00pm; dinner 8:30pm-10:00pm. Although some dietary restrictions may be catered for, if you have special dietary needs, residences will probably not be the best choice for you.

A note on Spanish meals: Breakfast (el desayuno) in Spain is light compared to what you might be used to. The norm is coffee (café con leche) or hot chocolate (colacao), toast, cereal, cookies or muffins and maybe a glass of juice. Lunch (la comida) is often the main meal of the day. Dinner (la cena) may be a somewhat lighter affair. In any case, SUMC students get a full meal (starter, main dish and dessert) regardless of the meal time, lunch or dinner.

Overnight guests are not allowed in any SUMC accommodation. Visitors (Suffolk students), however, are allowed in residences between 10:00am and 10:00pm.

If a blend of community spirit, Spanish cuisine and personal space appeals to you, choose this option.