• Application Form

    Complete the TA Application Form

  • Personal Statement

    On a separate sheet, answer the 5 personal statement questions on the application form. 

  • Reference Forms

    Obtain two completed reference forms. References should be obtained from a faculty or staff member and a previous employer.Completed reference forms should be submitted directly by the evaluator online (email to fye@suffolk.edu) or in-person/inter-office mail to Alina Choo, 6th Floor of 73 Tremont Street. 

  • Comprehensive Resume

    Submit a current resume including campus involvement, organizations, offices held, honors, etc.

  • Interviews

    Interviews will be held from March 27-April 9.

  • Application Deadline and Submission

    Applications materials can be submitted ONLINE (email to fye@suffolk.edu) or IN-PERSON to Alina Choo, 6th floor of 73 Tremont St.  

    Deadline: 4:00pm on March 21, 2014.