• Application Form

    Complete the TA Online Application Form

  • Personal Statement

    In a separate document (submit to fye@suffolk.edu), please formulate a personal statement regarding the First-Year Experience TA position.  Your personal statement should be no longer than 3 double-spaced pages and should incorporate your responses to the following questions.  

    1) Why are you interested in being a First-Year Expereince TA?  If you've been a TA before, please describe that experience.

    2) What skills and attributes do you possess that will enable you to be successful in this TA position?

    3) What are the three most relevant issues for first-year students?

    4) How would your other time commitments (academic, social, co-curricular) affect your ability to function as a TA?

    5) If your instructor gave you the opportunity to teach one class session on any topic you feel would be important for first-year students, what would you select and why?  Describe the process you would use to develop your lesson and how you would go about delivering the information to the class.

  • Reference Forms

    Obtain two completed reference forms. References should be obtained from a faculty member, staff member, or a previous employer. Completed reference forms should be submitted directly by the evaluator online (email to fye@suffolk.edu). 

  • Comprehensive Resume

    Submit a current resume should be emailed to fye@suffolk.edu.  Your resume should include campus involvement, organizations, offices held, honors, etc.

  • Interviews

    You will be required to attend a personal interview.  Interviews will be held during a two-week period, February 29 through March 11.  Interview times are requested on the online application. 

    If you are currently studying abroad this semester, then we can conduct  your interview via Skype. 

  • Application Deadline and Submission

    Application materials should be submitted ONLINE to fye@suffolk.edu

     Early Bird Application Deadline: 4:00pm, February 19, 2016

    ● First choice of interview times

    ● Guaranteed interview before spring break

     Final Application Deadline: 4:00pm, February 26, 2016