Students with tutor

Tutoring helps students enhance their academic skills, manage the college experience and encourages them to become independent learners. Students may choose to work with a peer tutor who will help with course content and the development of effective academic strategies. 

  • Classes We Tutor

    We offer tutoring support in over 90 courses. Please click on the link below to check our current offerings.

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  • Schedule an Appointment

     You can schedule an appointment 

    • By Phone: Call the front desk (617-573-8235) during business hours. 
    • In Person: Visit us in the CLAS, 2nd floor of the Sawyer Library, during business hours.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Tutoring Session


    How do I schedule a meeting with a tutor?
    Appointments can be made by calling the CLAS at (617) 573-8235 or in person at our center, located in the library on the second level. Have your student ID and syllabus ready so we can match you up for the right section for your subject.

    Who can use tutoring?
    You can! Tutoring is available to all undergraduate students at Suffolk.

    Why should I meet with a tutor?
    Regular appointments with a tutor may boost your semester and cumulative GPAs, help you understand course content, strengthen study skills, increase your awareness of other campus resources, help you create specific action plan to achieve academic goals and develop an effective time management system.

    How often would I meet with my tutor?
    This will be determined by you and your tutor upon your first meeting. A weekly meeting is often recommended, although some students prefer to schedule meetings twice a week.

    What should I bring to my tutoring appointment?
    Please bring your syllabus, course materials and textbook together with specific questions to get the very best out of your tutoring experience.

    Who are the peer tutors?
    Tutors are students just like you who have earned an "A" in the class for which they tutor. Many of our tutors have been recommended by the faculty for this role and all of them have sought this role because they enjoy helping others and collaborating with their peers.


  • Drop-In Math/Stats Help Sessions

    Spring 2016 Schedule [PDF]

    Math/Stats Help offers either individual or small group tutoring on a drop-in basis. We help with content in all freshmen level mathematics courses, as well as Stats 240 & Stats 250. This is a good place to ask questions about daily homework and lectures before questions become problems.

    Students may drop in as often as needed. Located in the CLAS, Drop-in is open more than 20 hours each week, divided between day and evening hours. Drop-in is open and manned from the first week of classes through final exams. Students may visit Drop-in whether they are having severe difficulty, need just a little bit of help, or just want a friendly place in which to do their math homework.

  • English & Writing Support

    Individual Tutoring

    Professional and peer English and writing support is available at CLAS by appointment.
    Check out our flyer for more details[PDF].

    ENG 101 Labs

    For students taking ENG 101 who need more than occasional tutoring to complete their course work successfully. Students may be placed in ENG 101 plus lab as a result of their admission scores or first-day writing samples. Professors teaching ENG 101 may also require students to attend the lab. Students taking ENG 101 may also attend an ENG 101 lab voluntarily. The ENG 101 labs are online with a face-to-face tutoring component, non-credit and Pass/Fail, and periodic evaluations of student participation will be sent to the students’ ENG 101 professors.

    For inquiries about an ENG 101 lab, please contact Janet Oliver.

    English Language Workshops
    Improve your English skills in a supportive small-group setting with experienced instructors!
    Fall 2015 Workshops Schedule [PDF]

  • For Classes Without Tutors

    If a tutor is not available for a specific course or content area, students may work with an academic coach. Coaching appointments are made by contacting the CLAS. Also, it is highly recommended that students reach out to their professors if the CLAS cannot provide content specific support.

  • Become a Tutor

    Serving as a peer tutor is a great way to gain marketable skills, build your resume and give back to the Suffolk community. For more information about our employment opportunities please click here.