We want to hear what's on your wishlist so we can help you develop the logistics.  Let's work together to create an advising model that works for you.

  • Advising trainings

    We can help train staff in each department to maximize your current tools.

    Do you know how to use informer reports?  Are you wondering about the difference between advising and course selection? 

    Do you wish that MySuffolk could do more? Do you want to learn more about AdvisorTrac and what it can do for you?  

    We're happy to provide support and training for your department on any of these areas

  • Revise your advising documents

    Our office can help you rethink the content and layout of your advising documents to ensure students fully understand the requirements of your major. Our goal is to have checklists or worksheets for each major, reflecting the requirements for the new curriculum.  We also hope to have these worksheets converted to an interactive, online format.  This is a great opportunity to alter and improve aspects of your documents and we are happy to help.

  • Update your department's program evaluation

    If your program evaluations are updated correctly, you will be able to spend less time worrying about credits and requirements and more time focusing on meaningful conversations with your students about long term plans and goals.

  • New technology options

    We are in the process of getting academic and administrative departments access to AdvisorTrac, an online software program used to make and track student appointments, save notes about student conversations, and run reports about your student interactions.  

  • Make a Suggestion

    Do you believe you need to clear your students to register for classes? We know this is not the most effective process for every major. If you would prefer to use the course selection meetings to have more meaningful conversations about big picture plans, we hope to have further discussions about possibilities for change.