• Program Description

    The Academic Improvement (AIM) Program is a free semester-long commitment that will help you improve your academic skills in the areas of time management, self-motivation, making campus connections and more.


  • Benefits of Participation

    • Learn how to self-motivate and manage your time.
    • Make connections with administrators and faculty.
    • Learn practical tools for academic success.
    • Improve your grade point average (GPA).
  • How to Participate

    You may register just as you do for your other academic courses through MySuffolk. AIM will be listed under Ballotti Learning Center.

  • Current Semester Schedule

    Spring 2014

    • BLC-AIM-A  Tuesday  11:30AM-12:45PM  D219
    Instructor: R. Fiore

    • BLC-AIM-B  Tuesday   2:30PM-3:45PM       B-B
    Instructor: O. Downey

    • BLC-AIM-C  Wednesday  2:30PM-3:45PM   B-CR
    Instructor: D. Newman

    • BLC-AIM-D  Wednesday  11:30AM-12:45PM  TBD
    Instructor: D. Newman

    • BLC-AIM-E   Thursday  2:30PM-3:45PM     S426
    Instructor: M. Dickinson