Overview of Handbook

Section One: Introduction

Section Two: Governance and Organization
A. Organization
B. Definitions
C. University Faculty Senate
D. School Governance

Section Three: Faculty Appointments
A. Appointments Generally
B. Full-time Ranks and Titles -- Tenure-Track Faculty
C. Full-Time Ranks and Titles – The Professional and Instructor Tracks
D. Additional Titles that Modify Standard Academic Titles
E. Term or Duration of Appointments
F. Locus of Appointments

Section Four: Search for and Appointment of Full-time Faculty
A. Definitions
B. Equal Opportunity Policy
C. Authorization for a New Position
D. Authorization for a Replacement Position
E. Procedures Related to an Approved Search
F. Developing the List of Candidates
G. Interviewing Candidates
H. The Conclusion of the Search and Offer
I. Letters of Appointment and Terms of Appointment

Section Five: Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
A. Teaching and Advising
B. Scholarship—Research, Creative Endeavors, Professional Activities
C. Service
D. Faculty Conduct – Statement of Responsibility and Ethics
E. Employment Outside the University
F. Non-Fraternization Policy
G. Intellectual Property Policy
H. Faculty Actionable Conduct

Section Six: Annual and Periodic Full-Time Faculty Review
A. General Criteria for Promotion and Review
B. The Annual Review Process
C. Periodic Faculty Review

Section Seven: Third-Year, Tenure and Promotion Review
A. Confidentiality
B. Timing
C. Third-year Review
D. Initiation of Tenure and/or Promotion Process
E. Tenure Review
F. The Tenure, Promotion, and Periodic Review File
G. Chair and Relevant Committee Review
H. Decanal Review
I. Right to Withdraw (Tenure and/or Promotion)
J. Provostial Review
K. Presidential Review and Board of Trustee Action
L. Tenure Denial Review

Section Eight: Faculty Development and Leaves
A. Professional Development Leave With Pay (Sabbatical Leave)
B. Professional Development Leave Without Pay
C. Parental Leave
D. Unspecified Leave
E. Administrative Leave

Section Nine: Leaving Suffolk Faculty Employment
A. Expiration of Term Appointments
B. Non-Reappointment of Faculty on Probationary Appointments
C. Denial of Tenure
D. Resignation
E. Retirement
F. Faculty Status After Retirement
G. Program Closure
H. Financial Exigency

Section Ten: Amendments to this Handbook