• Francesco Daniele, Associate Director Of Employer Relations and New Business Development


    International Careers
    Ram Recruiter
    Re-Engineering Careers
    Stem Careers

    Phone: 617.573.8481

    Francesco spent 10 years as a senior financial services professional working both domestically and internationally. As a result, he is very familiar with a number of industries in the Boston metropolitan area. His portfolio of academic programs spans both CAS and SBS, with an emphasis on STEM and start-ups. Francesco received an MBA from Suffolk and a Bachelor’s degree in international business and finance from Northeastern. When he’s not connecting to Chamber of Commerce members, he enjoys dabbling in real estate, cycling, basketball (Celtics!), and soccer (La Nazionale!). 

  • Teresa DiMagno, Executive Director


    Alumni Career Advising
    Career Assessments
    Career Communities
    Choosing A Major
    Preparing For Grad School

    Phone: 617.573.8482

    Teresa has practiced in the career services field within higher education for twenty years, as a counselor, instructor, and administrator. With two degrees in English, she is an enthusiastic proponent of liberal arts study and the countless career contributions made by the arts and sciences. She also has significant experience assisting students and alumni in more professional disciplines, such as business, education, engineering, pre-law, and pre-health. When not researching the future of work, Teresa enjoys crossword puzzles, interior design, popular culture, and travel near water. 

  • Jamie Gallo, Assistant Director of Career Outreach for College of Arts and Sciences


    Choosing A Major/Minor
    Career Decision Making
    Career Assessments
    Resumes/Cover Letters
    Liberal Arts Skills

    Phone: 617.573.8480

    Originally from upstate New York, Jamie has worked in higher education for the past eight years as a career counselor, instructor, and academic advisor.  Prior to entering higher education, Jamie was a social worker for young children.  She comes to Suffolk from a long stint in southwest Florida and is adjusting to four seasons again! Jamie has degrees in mental health counseling and is at the dissertation stage for her EdD in curriculum and instruction with a focus on higher education administration. When not conducting research, Jamie enjoys exploring the Boston area, spending time with family and felines, and concocting desserts. 

  • Rachel Giglio, Office Coordinator


    CDC Staff Referrals
    Event Planning
    On-Campus Recruiting
    Ram Recruiter
    Training & Development

    Phone: 617.573.4227

    A proud native of Danvers, MA, Rachel graduated from Roger Williams University with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. Before arriving at Suffolk, Rachel worked in the veterinary field and did biological research and conservation. She has travelled to South Africa and Mozambique as a research assistant, and has studied cancer in marine bivalves. In addition, Rachel has been dancing for 25 years (all styles!). When not restoring her 19th Victorian home, she can be found outdoors with her Bernese mountain dog or with family and friends in Italy and Miami. 

  • David Larsen, Assessment and Technology Administrator


    Program Assessment
    Ram Recruiter
    Social Media
    Training & Development
    Web Design & Content

    Phone: 617.573.8492

    Originally from Norway, David moved to Boston in 2014 to join his wife. He has a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA with a marketing emphasis. Before arriving at Suffolk, David worked for the Norwegian Cancer Society where he implemented, customized, and managed third-party software programs. David also has expertise in web design and social media management. He speaks three languages—English, Norwegian, and Hebrew—and studied “abroad” in Seattle. When he’s not analyzing graduation outcomes, David loves to play soccer, watch soccer, and talk about soccer. 

  • Joanna Lazarek, Associate Director of Internships and Alumni Career Engagement


    Alumni Career Advising
    Career Exploration
    Resume & Cover Letter

    Phone: 617.573.1909

    Joanna has had a varied career with a common advising thread. She began as an educational tour consultant followed by 12+ years as a gap year consultant. In 2011 she took her own gap time, traveling to India, Thailand, Australia, Ecuador, Poland and Germany to volunteer, study, excavate, and blog. After a brief stint in luxury travel, she returned to her advising roots, placing students in international co-ops. At Suffolk, Joanna coordinates non-credit-bearing internships and is also spearheading the new alumni mentoring program housed on Ram Recruiter. When not excavating, Joanna enjoys history, travel, world cuisines and cultures, and outdoor activities. 

  • Laura Marchant, Associate Director of Employer Relations and New Business Development


    Interviewing & Networking
    Job Search
    Ram Recruiter
    Resume & Cover Letter

    Phone: 617.573.5309

    A native Bostonian, Laura has 10+ years’ experience in career development and recruiting. She has played a pivotal role in developing the CDC’s on-campus recruiting program, and maintains hundreds of contacts among area hiring organizations. Laura also manages all Suffolk related career fairs, both on and off campus. For the last two years, she has been an instructor for SBS 400, helping many students with their career launch. Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and both of her children graduated from Suffolk. When not calling upon the human resources community, Laura enjoys tennis, hiking, and cooking.