Students may petition to take a course at another institution during interim periods between semesters (e.g. during summer and winter session).  A student must be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or better with no Incomplete grades) and have transferred fewer than 63 outside credit hours into Suffolk. Students who request an outside course must follow the instructions below. The course description and/or syllabus must be reviewed and approved by the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center.  

Students approved for a course at another institution must attain a grade of "C" or higher in order to receive transfer credit.  It is expected that students will complete their final 30 credit hours at Suffolk University. New students in their first semester without final grades may not be approved for outside courses.  Courses taken at other institutions may affect student eligibility for graduation honors.

When approving the Outside Course Petition, Suffolk University is only reviewing the academic content of the courses and the ability to transfer outside credits back to SU. Suffolk University does not provide any guarantee as to the quality or suitability of the course, or of the other institution’s ability to meet any specific student needs. By approving the Outside Course Petition, Suffolk University does not assume any of the risk involved in taking a course at another institution.

Instructions for Making a Request

1) To be eligible, a student must:
  • Submit petition at least two weeks prior to the start of Suffolk’s summer I session
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Have transferred fewer than 63 outside credits into Suffolk, and have accrued not more than 86 total credit hours toward graduation
  • Not have begun the final 30 credits of the degree program
Please note: Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee that a petition for an outside course will be approved.
2) Get this information BEFORE completing the petition:
  • The URL for the course description. If unavailable, contact the institution and request a copy of the syllabus or a .pdf of the catalog with the course name, number, and description.
  • Write a detailed request explaining which academic requirement you would like this course to fulfill and if it is a prerequisite for another course that you must complete.
3) Then complete the petition form online.
  • Requests must be made at least 10 business days before the start of the course you're requesting.
  • Expect it to take up to 5 business days to review your request.
  • Petitions will not be reviewed the week before registration and during registration week.
4) After completing the outside course:
  • You must earn a "C" grade or better in the outside course for transfer of credits. The credits for a grade of "C-" will not transfer.
  • An official transcript from the outside institution must be delivered to:
    Suffolk University, Undergraduate Academic Advising Center 
    73 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108
  • IMPORTANT: if the outside course is a prerequisite for a class you plan to take in the upcoming term, make sure the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center receives proof that you successfully completed the prerequisite course prior to the start of the upcoming term or you may be dropped from the upper-level course.