*Major and Year of Graduation:
*Area of Career Interest - type of Career Field you would like to be placed in. Please check off your choices, prioritizing from 1st choice to 3rd choice:
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*Please list any work experience you have had with employer, job title, dates of employment:
*In 150 words or less, share why you are interested in doing a job shadow and what do you hope to gain from it?
Job shadow days will take place over spring semester or during spring break. You will be required to have a resume for your job shadow sponsor.

*Please read the acknowledgement below and confirm that you understand and accept all aspects of the Job Shadow program.

I acknowledge that I am free over spring semester to be matched with an alumni sponsor for between a half day up to 5 days, that I have read the Job Shadowing Program for Sophomores information sheet on this webpage, that I am a sophomore student in good standing, and that I will have an approved resume prepared to provide for my job shadow sponsor. I also understand that I will be rquired to attend an orientation session. Application for Class of 2016 due by December due by November 22, 2013 for Spring 2014 semester.