We have two advisory groups that help us expand the entrepreneurial experience with our students, alumni, and community. Our Fellows in Entrepreneurship and Young Entrepreneurs’Alumni Community are essential to program development, as well as student, alumni and community engagement.


The Fellows in Entrepreneurship consist are Suffolk alumni who provide expertise and guidance on how to advance the mission and programs of the Center. They also serve and lead the subcommittees that represent the four pillars of our Center: 1) curriculum and research, 2) community outreach, 3) new ventures, 4) and development.

The Fellows in Entrepreneurship Master Board is chaired by the Center Director and the Dean of the Sawyer Business School serves as ex officio.

Curriculum and Research Subcommittee (5 Members)

The mission of the Curriculum and Research Subcommittee is to review, revise and execute entrepreneurship curriculum to provide students with the best opportunity for successful launches. The Curriculum and Research Subcommittee consists of a blend of academically and professionally qualified faculty, as well as alumni who have launched successful ventures.

Community Outreach (5 Members)

The mission of the Community Outreach Subcommittee is to expand social/green entrepreneurship within the University and student/alumni launches, as well as seeking opportunities to expand entrepreneurial resources and innovation to the general public. The Community Outreach Subcommittee consists of a blend of faculty, local business people and alumni.

New Ventures (7 Members)

The mission of the New Ventures Subcommittee is to work with students and alumni who are launching new ventures or growing existing ventures. The New Ventures Subcommittee provides assistance to the New Product Innovation Competition, available seats, appointments will be required. The New Ventures Subcommittee consists of a mix of business startup experts with diverse functional business backgrounds.

Development (3 Members)

The mission of the Development Subcommittee is to identify recurring revenue opportunities for the Center, as well as work with University Advancement on fundraising initiatives. The Development Subcommittee consists of alumni with a strength in identify business opportunities for the Center to help fund Cente programs.

Young Entrepreneurs

Our Young Entrepreneurs' Alumni Community plays a crucial role in the success of our entrepreneurship program, as well as Suffolk University as a whole. They support our academic program and new ventures through mentorship, guest speaking, judging competitions, sponsoring scholarships and other programs, as well as sharing networks with our students.