With $1,000 on the line, that’s all the time you get for the Pitch Competition.Your pitch must be a compelling and concise overview of your product or service. You’ll participate in a preliminary round of pitches to determine the top-10 finalists. Then the top-10 will move to the final round and pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitals and angel investors.


  • Business idea must be original
  • Clearly identify the problem and define the opportunity
  • Identify a target market
  • Capable of developing and executing the opportunity
  • Contestants must register for a preliminary round time slot at the Entrepreneurship Center.
  • Participants are required to deposit $10 to register and will be refunded their deposit upon participation. Students who do not participate will not be refunded their deposit.

Judging Criteria

  • The problem is clearly defined and the opportunity clearly solves the identified problem
  • The opportunity is unique
  • The market is substantial
  • The presenter convincingly shows that the individual, team, or network is capable of developing and executing the opportunity
  • The pitch is presented in a logical, professional and passionate manner


To be determined