Graduate Seminar in Brazil

For graduate students, the Global Travel Seminar is an opportunity to work on real-life case studies at major global businesses. Our students have visited and pitched proposals to major companies, such as Adidas, Embraer, BMW, Volkswagen, Goodrich, and Pepsi, just to name a few.

The experience will stand out on your resume, letting potential employers know that you’re ready to take on global opportunities and challenges in a business setting.

It’s also a chance to expand your network internationally. Many of our students have made lasting connections during their seminars, and some have even led to full-time positions after graduation.

The Global Travel Seminar is a required course for Global MBA students.

“China was one of the most inspiring and educational travel experiences I have ever had. Not only were things like the food and the sights amazing, but also the variety of companies we visited and executives we met created many ways to learn more about the global business world. It was also nice to see how well received our group was; all of their presentations and speakers showed that they were willing and eager to share their company’s experience in China, and sometimes a little about themselves. If given the chance, based on my experiences in China, I would absolutely do another Global Travel Seminar.”—Jill Quinn, MBA 2014