Business in Brazil

Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraty
December 12-20, 2015
Professor Carlos Rufin
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Brazil’s economy is growing fast. In fact, it’s the largest economy in Latin America and one of the 7th-largest in the world. As one of the world’s four major emerging economies, it’s experiencing high rate of economic growth combined with unprecedented political and economic stability and reductions in inequality, all of which are leading to rapid expansion of the middle class, high flows of foreign investment, and positive publicity abroad.

Yet at the same time, Brazil struggles with unequal income distribution, high levels of corruption, poor infrastructure, major environmental protection challenges, and low-quality public services despite high taxes.

Your faculty leader Carlos Rufin has traveled to Brazil every year since 1996, where he's taught at universities and worked at local companies. He's an expert on the Brazilian energy sector and is fluent in Portuguese.

What to Expect

  • Understand the complexity of the dynamic market, its unique culture, and the opportunities and pitfalls it presents
  • Examine how European colonization and the plantation system made a profound impact on Brazil.
  • Explore successful businesses in Brazil, ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to multinational corporations
  • Study the social dimensions in Brazil and the different challenges it creates
  • Visit with experts in the local economy
  • Visit historical and cultural landmarks, such as Christ the Redeemer, cable car to Sugar Loaf, and Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro