You’re building your career every day in the Sawyer Business School.

Internships and hands-on learning give you proven experience addressing real-world business challenges. Connections with Suffolk students and faculty from around the world form a powerful network you can rely on throughout your career. And learning in downtown Boston gives you access to meet and work alongside industry professionals.

These are all intentional features of your undergraduate curriculum. Learn by doing. Build by knowing.

Professional Experience

You'll get professional experience both in and out of the classroom. As a freshman, you'll present an analysis to local business executives. As a sophomore, you'll analyze the challenges a local nonprofit faces and develop solutions. As an upperclassman, you may find yourself part of a consulting team, interacting with a local or global firm.

These examples of hands-on learning build your skills in teamwork, analytical thinking, data collection and synthesis, group decision-making, and oral and written communication—all skills employers seek in new hires.

Internships are an excellent way to improve your resume and gain knowledge in real-world settings. The Business School, in the heart of Boston’s government, business, and financial districts, provides a rich source of internship opportunities for students. John McCoy, director of internships, can help you find the opportunity that’s right for you. Each major department also maintains a list of openings. Your faculty advisor can provide details. 

You may also work one day a week on a business project in a Boston-based company. You’ll benefit from both a corporate sponsor who works directly with you on the job, and a faculty member who will mentor you in the process. The experience you gain can help lead to the next step in your career.


Suffolk takes full advantage of its urban setting and international presence. Our main campus is located in the heart of Boston, one of America's most cosmopolitan cities. We also have campuses in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Madrid, Spain.

Our faculty has international expertise, our alumni are working in all levels of business around the world, and our students have global opportunities through travel courses and study abroad.

What does this mean for your future career? You’ll meet and interact with Boston-area CEOs, executives,  and entrepreneurs and analyze what makes their businesses successful. You’ll directly experience the global business world and learn to operate in cultures different from your own.

Networking opportunities build career skills you’ll use throughout your working life—skills such as professional behavior, business customs and etiquette throughout the world, job hunting, getting hired, and lifelong learning. We host a variety of networking events with your major, student organizations, and alumni programs. To help you build your self-presentation and communication skills, the Career Center and Sawyer Business School offer workshops and guest speaker events.