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Boston, MA 02108

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73 Tremont Street, 6th Floor
Open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our Staff

Yvette Velez
M.Ed., Suffolk University
B.A., The Monmouth College

Jeffrey Morris
M.Ed., Suffolk University
B.A., Suffolk University

Veronica Ntare
Graduate Fellow
B.S., Suffolk University

Suzanne Gammer
Commuter Ambassador
Class of 2017
My name is Suzanne Gammer and I am going to be a sophomore this year at Suffolk! For my first semester, I actually commuted from my home in Attleboro, and then second semester I lived off-campus in an East Boston sublet. This year I am excited to say I am living in Chelsea, in an off-campus apartment. I am a very bubbly person and love making new friends. On campus, I enjoy partaking in several clubs and activities some of them being Pasion Latina, Program Council, and The Journey Program. I try my best to maintain a balance between school, work, and my social life while commuting!

Andrea Hastings
Commuter Ambassador
Class of 2016
My name is Andrea Hastings. I am a junior at Suffolk University. As a commuter ambassador, I am excited to meet fellow commuter students and offer the best help I can. I love to travel and have made plans to tour Europe after I graduate. I appreciate music. In my spare time, I often listen to classical music and practice the piano. I enjoy participating in outdoor activities as well. Hiking or skiing trips in New Hampshire on the weekends always make me delighted. Volunteering in local communities is another commitment of mine. It makes me happy seeing smiles on people's faces and knowing that I can contribute and make a difference. As a commuter student myself, I understand the inconveniences that come with the commute to and from school every day. So if you are having difficulties in any aspect, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Michelle Rosenberg
Commuter Ambassador
Class of 2015
My name is Michelle Rosenberg and I am a senior, who studies Public Relations and Marking at Suffolk University! This upcoming school year I am looking forward to taking advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities Suffolk has to offer for seniors, such as internships and senior orientated programs. At Suffolk I am part of the theater department, a writer for the Suffolk Voice, and a former orientation leader. Having lived in the North End for the past three years, my best advice for a commuter student who has to walk is: invest in a really heavy winter coat, good snow boots, and durable rain boots. Classes go on rain or shine and it is not fun being unprepared for the ever-changing and notorious New England weather. Suffolk has so much to offer and so does Boston! Being a commuter allows you to get involved and explore your surroundings; this opens doors you never knew were possible.


OCHO Mission Statement
The Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO) is a resource for all current or future students, staff and faculty looking for off-campus housing in the Boston area. The OCHO provides support and assistance to enhance the commuter student experience; OCHO offers programs and services that advocate for commuter needs, educate on off-campus living and increase commuter involvement within the university and Boston.