Leadership Winter Break is the level three signature event that is divided into two sections. During the first part, students travel to Crystal River, Florida to swim with and learn about the manatees.  The idea of “Kind Play” is taught and executed when interacting with the manatees.  For the second portion of the trip, students are given the opportunity to learn about the Disney leadership philosophy and management style. Students learn about how leadership works in an environment outside of the Suffolk community.  Disney Cast Members facilitate three different leadership modules.  

Students who participate in the Leadership Winter Break will:

  • Be challenged on the ideas of power, influence and ethics.
  • Realize that leadership affects every aspect of business and that everyone has the opportunity to exhibit leadership traits and behaviors.
  • Understand the various meanings of social groups, the general implications of group membership and the different ways that group’s function.
  • Comprehend conflict, cooperation and interdependence between individuals, groups and institutions.
  • Effectively use mental processes to identify similarities and differences.
  • Learn how effective leaders strive to overcome barriers and challenges that prevent the achievement of business results.
  • Reinforce a healthy self‐image by contributing to the overall efforts of a group.
  • Learn how they can apply what they have learned in the classroom, their personal lives and as a student leader.