The Office of Diversity Services provides a range of trainings and workshops for faculty, students, and staff. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request a training, host a training, or collaborate on developing a new training. If there is a training that you would like Diversity Services to provide that is not currently listed, please contact our office.

The Office of Diversity Services provides a range of trainings for faculty, students, and staff. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to host a specific training or collaborate on developing a new training.

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Please note: The Office of Diversity Services will not be providing trainings by request during the Fall 2015 semester and encourage everyone interested to register for an open training. 

  • Diversity 101

    This introductory training asks participants to expand their notions of the categories that we typically think of as “diverse” and to begin to examine their deeply held ideas and beliefs about people who may be different from themselves. This training is fun, interactive, and ideal for classes and student groups.


  • Introduction to Social Justice

    This training examines theories of social justice, power, privilege, oppression, access, and intersectionality. Participants will critically examine their identities, as well as their beliefs and assumptions about others. 

    We will look at the intersections of race, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and many other social identities. Participants will also look develop skills in allyship around identities to which they do not belong. 

    This modular training comes in two formats: the standard 2-hour training and the expanded 3-hour training.


  • Safe Zone

    Register for a Spring 2015 Open Safe Zone training today! 

    The Safe Zone Program is a series of trainings that focus on understanding the identities and experiences of LGBTQ college students and the development of ally practices for members of the campus community. These trainings are suitable for faculty, staff, and students and can be customized to suit the needs of a department, organization, division, or group. The core curriculum includes:

    • Safe Zone I: An Introduction to LGBTQ Communities
      • Safe Zone I focuses on increasing awareness and educating participants on key issues impacting the LGBTQ community, LGBTQ vocabulary, queerphobia, privilege, heterosexism, cissexism, and the basic elements of being an ally. Participants in the Safe Zone I training are given the opportunity to sign an ally pledge and receive a Safe Zone sticker.
    • Safe Zone II: Ally Development and Advocacy
      • Safe Zone II is a more advanced training that focuses on ally development and building the skills needed to be an active ally and advocate in your daily life. This includes interrupting queerphobia, recognizing power and privilege, and how to facilitate challenging conversations to create necessary change.

    In addition to the two core Safe Zone trainings, we offer specialized trainings on a variety of topics in the LGBTQ community, including Safe Zone: Trans* 101, Safe Zone: Bi*, Pan, and Fluid Identities, and Safe Zone: Understanding Gender.

    All Safe Zone trainings are 2 to 3 hours in length. We offer at least two Open Safe Zone I Trainings each semester and one Safe Zone II training. Numerous additional trainings are provided by request. To request a Safe Zone training for your group, please fill out the Request a Training form. 

  • LGBTQ 101

    The LGBTQ 101 Training is a 50- to 85-minute introductory training that focuses on the basics of LGBTQ vocabulary and identities.


  • Disability as Diversity

    This training gives participants the opportunity to examine their ideas, myths, and assumptions about people with disabilities and educates them about this diverse community. This training was developed in partnership with The Office of Disability Services.