• Suffolk Scoop Email Newsletter

    Suffolk Family publishes a monthly email newsletter titled “Suffolk Scoop”. The newsletter keeps families updated of events occurring in the life of the University, including relevant items from the city of Boston. We also occasionally send other timely messages important to the family members of Suffolk students. Subscribe for future communications from Suffolk Family or read past newsletters.


  • SUFFOLKchat Events

    Suffolk Family frequently hosts free online chat events known as "SUFFOLKchat." Chats are open to all families and moderated by Suffolk University’s staff, faculty, administrators, advanced student leaders, or members of the Suffolk Family Leadership Council

    Join a scheduled SUFFOLKchat to learn about what is happening at Suffolk, ask questions, and be an engaged member of the Suffolk Family community. These events are also a great opportunity to connect with fellow family members. Read transcripts of recent previous chats and activate your free username for upcoming SUFFOLKchats.


  • Suffolk University Parent Guide

    Coming in 2014, the Suffolk Family Parent Guide is intended to help family members feel comfortable and well informed about University and Boston community. The guide contains information about institution programs, helpful resources, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

  • Academic Calendar and Policies

  • Suggested Reading

    And you thought your student would be the only one doing all the reading during the college years! Learn more your role as the parent/family member of a college student by checking out our suggested reading list.