The 9th Annual Multicultural Summit 

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - "The Body Already Knows: A Framework for Dismantling Race, Racism and Whiteness and Achieving Racial Justice” with Heather Hackman, EdD

Location: Sargent Hall, First Floor Function Room

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm 

This keynote and workshops are based on two key ideas: The first is that the creation of Race (and the system of racial oppression it supports) serves to unnaturally divide us from each other and disrupt our inherent human connection. The second is that the 50 trillion cells in our bodies already know how to live in just and supportive community and these patterns can serve as a powerful framework for uprooting Whiteness and achieving racial justice. Thus the dismantling of Race, Racism and Whiteness is not an idea or reality we “work toward” but rather a process of “coming home” to our rightful human interdependence. And it is in the space of this interdependence, rooted in our bodies’ own knowledge, that we can find the deep sources of racial liberation and healing. Based on the above two ideas, the day is broken into three parts: an opening keynote that lays out the basic framework, a workshop on how to integrate this framework into one’s everyday life, and a final workshop on how to apply this framework to one’s racial / social justice work. While there is attention given to embodiment in the day’s sessions, the primary focus is the deepening our critical race knowledge base and the development and application of a framework that can be used in any educational or organizational setting to dismantle Race, Racism and Whiteness. Participants can expect to leave with both cognitive and somatic tools for their racial justice work as well as resources to further their individual growth in these areas. 

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Breakfast and lunch will be served and all participants will receive a Multicultural Summit t-shirt. For more information contact the Office of Diversity Services at 617.573.8613 or email