MGH Cares

Stay Healthy with Suffolk University and Massachusetts General Hospital

The health of our student community is extremely important, which is why Suffolk University is working with the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to offer extended health services to all Suffolk University students.

Suffolk University students can visit the MGH Medical Walk-In Unit for urgent care when Suffolk Counseling, Health & Wellness is closed. Suffolk students do not need to pay a co-pay and will receive priority access during designated hours.


Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Collaboration: Suffolk University students can visit the MGH Medical Walk-In Unit during the academic year for urgent care services when the Health & Wellness clinic is closed. The Suffolk-MGH collaboration means students do not pay a co-opay and will get priority access during designated evening and weekend hours. During the summer session, the collaboration stops on June 15th and is expected to resume the week before Fall 2016 classes start. However, students can still choose to visit the MGH Medical Walk-In Unit during its operating hours just as any other registered MGH patient can, but the office visit there will generate a claim to their health insurance carrier and any office visit copays that their health insurance requires will also take effect after June 15th.

  • Monday-Friday 6:00-8:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday & Holidays* 9:30am-4:00pm

*The Medical Walk-In Unit is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Note: Occasionally, the Medical Walk-In Unit closes earlier than posted hours on weekends and holidays due to high patient volumes. During those times, students should call ahead at (617) 726-2707 before visiting the MGH Medical Walk-In Unit to make sure it is still accepting patients for the day.



  • What do I need to show to be seen?

    1. Bring your Suffolk ID:

    To access care in the MGH Medical Walk-In-Unit under this agreement you must be a currently enrolled student and identify yourself as a Suffolk student and by presenting a current Suffolk ID. (You are required to show a CURRENT Suffolk ID with a current sticker on it. Please check the front of your ID to determine if your ID has expired. If it has, simply go to the Suffolk Police Security Booth in the Sawyer or Donahue Lobbies to have your ID updated.)

    2. Bring your MGH Patient Registration Card:

    The first time you go to the MGH Medical Walk-In Unit, you will need to register as a patient at MGH to receive a patient medical record number by calling 866-211-6588 or by visiting Patient Registration desk at MGH, which is conveniently located down the hall from the MGH Medical Walk-In-Unit on the first floor of the Wang Building. Students will be issued a blue registration card and should bring this card to the MGH Medical Walk-In Unit.

    3. Bring your Health Insurance Card:

    You should always bring your insurance card in case additional medical testing is required.


  • How do I get there?

    The MGH Medical Walk-in Unit is located on the first floor of the Wang Ambulatory Care Center on Parkman Street in Boston.

    Wang Ambulatory Care Center, Suite 108 (Map)

    15 Parkman Street Boston, MA 02114

    Phone: (617) 726-2707


  • Will there be a cost?

    MGH Medical Walk-In Unit visits for initial care and evaluation, including some point of care testing (i.e. rapid strep testing, rapid flu testing, etc.), are covered under Suffolk’s agreement with MGH. However students may incur additional costs for certain additional medical tests or referrals and should always bring their insurance card with them when accessing care. Also, if you visit the MGH Medical Walk-in Unit during hours OTHER than Monday-Friday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and on weekends and holidays from 9:30am to 4:00pm, or if you are not able to show your Suffolk ID card, your insurance will be charged for services rendered and you may also be charged for any related insurance co-pays or fees.


  • What else do I need to know?

    Please e-mail, or call the Office of Health & Wellness Services at (617) 573-8260 for additional information.