Diversity Center Guidelines
The Office of Diversity Services has designed this space to provide your organization a place to conduct the business of your organization. We encourage you to use this space to meet with and collaborate with your e-board as well as leaders from other groups. We also encourage you to use the other spaces available to you. The fourth floor lounge is a great place for informal social gatherings, and there are several small conference rooms which you can use for meetings.

The following guidelines apply to the members of all student organizations that use office space within the Diversity Center. When used below, the term “Director of Diversity Services” refers to the Director or a member of his/her staff (which includes the professional and the graduate student staff of the Office of Diversity Services(ODS)) appointed by the Director to perform these duties.

Student Organization Office Space Guidelines
The Diversity Center regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:45am to 4:45pm. To gain access to the organization office space outside of these times, members must go to the Student Leadership and Involvement Office (SLI), formally known as the Student Activities Office, on the fourth floor of the Donahue Building and request entry to the Office of Diversity Services. SLI will document the request and open the door. The SLI desk is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 10:00pm. To determine who has access to an office, a list of registered organization members, identified by the club/organizations’ president, will be kept on file.

Smoking, gambling and illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia are not allowed in the Diversity Center in accordance with University policy and state and federal laws.

Since the Diversity Center is Suffolk University office space, the Director of Diversity Services reserves the right to determine whether or not an item is appropriate for posting in the center or in the organization office space.

BULLETIN BOARDS: Bulletin boards are provided for each organization. To protect the paint, items cannot be posted on the walls using tape, tacks, nails, etc. Items may only be mounted on the walls by the staff or the Facilities department, with the approval of the Director of Diversity Services.

FURNITURE: Offices are provided with furniture that meets fire safety regulations for the University. Any replacement or additional furniture within a specific office must also meet these regulations. Purchase of any furniture should be coordinated through the Office of Diversity Services.

TELEPHONES: Organizations are also provided with telephones and phone services at no charge for local club-related calls. Inappropriate use of phone services may result in the loss of such service to the organizations involved.

COMPUTERS: The computers provided in the Diversity Center are for organizational business, not for personal use. Computer labs are available for personal use. Do not install any software or use instant messaging programs on the Diversity Center computers. The university’s Responsible Use of Computing and Information Resources policy applies at all times.

DAMAGE: Each organization will be held responsible for the costs associated with repairing and/or replacing damaged office furniture, walls, and bulletin boards. Students using the Diversity Center are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times. The members of each organization are responsible for keeping their office and office furniture in good condition and free of damage and vandalism. Necessary repairs will be coordinated through the Office of Diversity Services. Therefore, please report any maintenance needs to ODS staff as soon as possible.

PRIVACY: Office space in the Diversity Center is not the private property of the organization occupying that space. Therefore, there should be no expectation of absolute privacy on the part of students using the space. A member of the Diversity Services staff will perform a monthly inspection of the organization office space. For the safety and security of students and equipment, additional inspections may be done at any time. The Director of Diversity Services may approve a search of the office space involved and any furniture, equipment and/or materials located within that space. Except in emergency situations, this search will be conducted by the Director of Diversity Services, a Suffolk University police officer and/or a member of the organization present. Any items found that involve violations of policy can be confiscated by the Director of Diversity Services.

The violation of any of the above policies can result in disciplinary action taken against the student organization and/or the specific individual(s) involved. This action may include loss of office privileges for the organization and/or the individual(s) involved, and, in extreme cases, the loss of University recognition for the organization. Decisions in these matters will be made by the Director of Diversity Services, and can be appealed to the Dean of Students.