We provide different ways to help you advertise your event. The following options are methods that our office will conduct for you, with the necessary information, and how to use them:
1. Facebook Fan Page & Twitter
The Office of Diversity Services maintains a fan page on Facebook and a Twitter account (SU_Diversity) and we are willing to post your events on our page and twitter feed. Please send necessary information (see below) to us at diversity@suffolk.edu at least 5 days before the event.
2. Bi-weekly E-newsletter
The Office of Diversity Services also sends out a newsletter twice a week via email to a group of mostly student subscribers at the university. If you’d like your event included in the newsletter, please send necessary information (see below) diversity@suffolk.edu at least 5 days before the event.
3. Classes of Interest
Each semester, we compile a list of courses being taught at Suffolk that may be interested in having their students attend multicultural events. These are called our “classes of interest.” If your event is a relevant educational or cultural experience, please send necessary information (see below) to diversity@suffolk.edu at least 2 weeks before the event, and we will suggest your event to professors of relevant courses at Suffolk.

The following options are some of the ways you can advertise your event at Suffolk University, that are not operated through our office. These are just suggestions from our office, and you have to contact the appropriate university staff person.
1. Suffolk TVs
Suffolk advertises events on TVs called “Activate the Space” in many of its hallways, offices, and departments. Please submit the necessary information at http://www.suffolk.edu/campuslife/44611.html.
2. Student News and Events E-mail
Suffolk University also sends out a weekly student events e-mail, which advertises different events to the entire student body. Please submit necessary information at http://www.suffolk.edu/campuslife/44611.html.
3. Flyers
Your group can put up flyers on bulletin boards across campus. Once you have a flyer created, take one copy to the front desk in the Student Leadership and Involvement Office (SLI) on the 4th floor of Donahue, next door to Room 403. They must stamp the flyer as a stamp of approval. They will also give you a list of the posting policies, which tell you where the bulletin boards are located across the university and how many flyers you are allowed to post on each one.

1. Title of Event
2. Date
3. Time
4. Location
5. Brief Description
6. Images (optional; i.e., a flyer)