Resource Room Access & Policy

The resource room is available for e-board meetings to further assist your organization.

  • Access is available for e-board meetings only and cannot be used for other purposes.
The room is available from 9-5pm during Diversity Services hours.

To reserve the room, simply sign up on the dry erase board with your club name and time on the date requested.

Reoccurring reservations may be made for a specific time on a semester basis.

Cancellation of a room reservation must be made 24 hours in advance to allow other groups an opportunity to use it.

  • Multiple no-shows will result in a loss of privileges.
Remember to moderate voice levels while the meeting is in session.

Please make sure to restore the room after use, i.e., clean-up, reset tables and chairs, discard trash, and recycle.

Library materials may be used but must be checked out.

  • Please speak with Jacinda, Craig, Bridget, or staff prior to removing any materials from the resource room. Resources must be officially checked out by Diversity Services.
  • Remember to return books and magazines to designated locations.

The computer is for Diversity Services staff use only.

Any violations of the above policy will result in a loss of privileges for the remainder of the semester.