Suffolk has a variety of cultural and international student clubs organizations on campus. All student clubs and organizations have mailboxes in the Office of Student Activities and Service Learning, Donahue 529.

  • African Student Association

    The African Student Association's purpose is to expose African cultures to other parts of the world and to put Africa back on the map. The African Student Association is open to all Suffolk University students.

  • Asian-American Association (AAA)

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 481
    Phone: 617.994.6430

    The Asian American Association offers students the opportunity to explore the Asian cultures and promotes support and collaboration among other student organizations. Members also assist new students in academic and social adjustment to the campus. Annual events include: Chinese New Year, New York City day trip, films, speakers, and other social events.


  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 481

    The Black Student Union serves as a liaison between students of color and the administration. BSU exists to aid black students in adjusting to college life, and works to increase cross-cultural communication. Annual events include: Black History Month, Hip-Hop Comedy Night, speakers, movie nights, and other social/educational programs.

  • Cape Verdean Student Association (CVSA)

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 431
    Phone: 617.305.8039

    CVSA is committed to the preservation of Cape Verdean culture and history, as well as to supporting recruitment efforts of Cape Verdean students to Suffolk University. It is also committed to promoting cultural, political, and historical programs to maintain a sense of cultural identity throughout the city/college area.


  • Caribbean Student Network (CSN)

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 481
    Phone: 617.994.6430

    The Caribbean Student Network strives to educate the Suffolk community about the cultures and people of the Caribbean. CSN is also a support network for Caribbean-American students on campus. Annual events include: CSN Fashion Show, Thanksgiving luncheon, and other social/educational


  • Hellenic Club

    The purpose of the Hellenic Club is to promote and educate Suffolk about the rich ethnic heritage of Greece through a variety of social and cultural events. The Hellenic Club is also a great way for Greeks and Greek-Americans alike to come together socially to form bonds and friendships with each other.

  • International Student Association (ISA)

    The International Student Association serves both students using visas to come to the U.S. to study and U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have an interest in meeting students from all over the world. The ISA plans social activities to assist international students with their integration into the Suffolk community and to educate the community about the diverse cultures represented in the student body.

  • Japanese Student Association

    Office: Student Activities Center, Donahue 431

    The Japanese Student Association unites all nationalities to explore and understand Japan and Japanese culture by working with other schools, cultural groups, and student organizations.

  • Queer Law Alliance (QLA)

    Student organization for LGBT law school students and allies.


  • Rainbow Alliance

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 481
    The Rainbow Alliance works to provide an environment of support and visibility for the LGBT students at Suffolk University. The organization provides socialization and acclimation to and within the LGBT community of the University and the Boston area. The Rainbow Alliance is also dedicated to educating the campus community regarding LGBT issues.


  • South Asian Student Association (SASA)

    The South Asian Student Association promotes South Asian cultures across campus. SASA is mainly targeted towards Asian Indian students who are interested in sharing their cultural traditions with other students in the Suffolk community.

  • Suffolk University Hispanic Association (SUHA)

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 481

    The goal of the Suffolk University Hispanic Association is to create a greater understanding of the “diversity” of the Hispanic cultures they embrace. SUHA offers support to Hispanic/Latino students in adjusting to the campus. Annual events include: Hispanic Heritage Month, Nuestra Cultura, and other educational and cultural programs.

  • Step Team

    The Step team was established to expose Suffolk University to the diverse art of step dance. An active awareness of the culture of step dance is encouraged through films, literature, speakers, activities, competitions, and conferences.

  • Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

    Office: Diversity Center, Archer 481
    Phone: 617.305.6328

    The Vietnamese Student Association provides an opportunity for the community to explore Vietnamese culture and customs. Members are encouraged to assist each other through the ins and outs of college life. Annual events include: VSA Extravaganza, speakers and other cultural and educational programs.