A safe campus is one where LGBT students may feel comfortable with their sexuality and gender identity when they are in class, among their peers and anywhere else on campus. These students don't feel they need to hide who they are from anyone. While great advances have been made in creating a safe campus for LGBT students at Suffolk University, there is always room to grow. The Safe Zone Program works to accomplish this goal.

The Safe Zone Program is a University sponsored program of ongoing education and assistance to sustain a network of allies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people on campus. Any member of the college community (faculty, staff and students), may participate in this program. After attending a brief training session, participants will choose whether or not they would like to display the Safe Zone emblem on their office door, residence hall room, backpack, etc. This identifies the individual as a supportive person who can offer help, advice or just a willingness to listen to talk about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. LGBT students can immediately recognize to whom they can turn for support. For a listing of Safe Zone trained members, visit Members.

Safe Zone trainings are great workshops for: Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, University Ambassadors, work-study employees, academic departments, college offices and academic courses pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity. For more information about training sessions, visit Training.

Planning Committee Members


Jesse Beal, Office of Diversity Services

Jacinda Felix Haro, Office of Diversity Services

Paul Korn, Professor and Psychologist, Counseling Center

Lori Rosenberg, Educational Consultant, Ballotti Learning Center