Suffolk offers service learning courses in many disciplines. Descriptions of a sampling of courses that have recently been offered are:  

GVT-110: Introduction to American Democracy

An introduction to the American political system and constitutional framework. Focus will be on the interplay of various institutions (the Presidency, Congress and the Judiciary) in creating public policies. Contemporary public issues will be discussed, as will the role of political theory in shaping American democracy. Attention will be given to the role of the news media, public opinion, political ideology, political parties and interest groups in the American system.

PHIL-123: Social Ethics: The Good Life

An examination of contemporary Western society, particularly in the United States, in relation to philosophical attempts to define the "good life." Current books that exhibit a philosophical approach towards important contemporary social issues will be discussed, as well as classics in philosophy. Topics may include: civic virtue, consumerism, current events, economic justice, popular culture (film, music, television), religion and secularism.

RS-111: Intro World Religions: West

This course will explore the comparative history and structure of Western religious traditions, broadly understood, and their impact on other world religions, while attempting to recognize the similarities and the differences among them. Traditions to be studied include Greek and Roman religion, the monotheistic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as Zoroastrianism, Sikhism and Bahaism). We will also explore the impact of the Western religions on indigenous traditions, such as African religion, Native American religion, and Pacific Island religion.

SOC-113: Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the sociological understanding of human interaction, group process and social structures. Students are introduced to basic concepts, theories and methods of sociological investigation.

Fall 2013 Service Learning Courses [PDF]