• Admission

    Admission via the UAP is contingent upon your academic history. If your qualifications are not consistent with the requirements set forth by the University, you may be conditionally admitted provided that you contractually agree to actively use the UAP’s support services. You may either a) decide to participate in the UAP and accept conditional admission, or b) refuse to participate in the UAP and decline conditional admission. Questions or concerns regarding conditional admission should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

  • Orientation

    As a first-year student, you are required to register for and attend one New Student Orientation session in June or August. Your parents and guardians are invited to attend Family Orientation; if they wish to meet program staff members at the Parent Luncheon they should also RSVP to Rebecca Fiore. Learn more about Orientation and New Student Programs.

  • Welcome Event

    As a UAP student, you are required to attend the program’s annual welcome event, where participants will meet their peer mentors, teaching assistants, academic coaches, and each other before departing on a BUEE Urban Adventure with professional facilitators.

    What’s a BUEE Urban Adventure?
    Boston University Experiential Education (BUEE) programs are part adventure race, part challenge course, and part Freedom Trail. Using GPS units, groups explore the city looking for specifically designated “waypoints.” A clue sheet helps them identify a cultural or historic landmark at that spot, and then, once the clue is solved, the facilitator presents the group with a challenge.

    In order to move to the next waypoint, the group must successfully complete the challenge. Rather than shunning cell phones and text messages, our programs utilize modern technology as essential to the completion of the adventure.

    Should I wear or bring anything in particular?
    You should wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water. Please dress according to the weather forecast, as you will be in- and outdoors over the course of three hours. Lunch will be provided.

    I was planning to do some back-to-school shopping that day. Do I have to participate?
    Yes, you do. Failure to attend constitutes a violation of the Contract for Success and will result in disciplinary action. As BUEE notes, “The success of any group depends on its ability to work as a high-functioning team.” This will be your first chance to work as a team and lay the groundwork for success!

    If you did not receive or misplaced your Release of Claims form [PDF], please download, print, complete, and return it as soon as possible to 41 Temple St., Ste. 208, Boston, MA 02114. Questions or concerns regarding the welcome event should be directed to Rebecca Fiore.


  • Forms

    Contract for Success [PDF]

    Release of Information [PDF] (if you would like to enable us to communicate with a parent or guardian regarding your progress)