Deadline to complete AlcoholEdu for College Program (Part 1) is January 31, 2013 for the Spring semester; September 14 2013 for the Fall semester!

As part of our comprehensive alcohol prevention program, Suffolk University is requiring that each member of the first-year class complete AlcoholEdu for College – an online, non-opinionated alcohol prevention program. We recognize that balancing social life with academic life requires a full partnership between students, faculty, the campus community, and all campus services. The Dean of Students will be notified if you have not completed AlcoholEdu by the deadlines. Please note that the course includes three surveys that measure students’ alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are strictly confidential; the school will only receive information about the student body as whole and will never see individual students’ answers. Thank you, and enjoy the course!

Follow these instructions to complete the Alcohol Edu Program Requirement:

1. Go to and enter Login ID: 11C168005firstyear

2. The course has two sections, both of which must be completed to fulfill this requirement. Part 1 of the course takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete and we recommend that you take it in multiple sittings. Part 1 ends after Survey 2 and the Exam. You must earn a grade of 75% or higher to pass and receive credit for the course. The deadline for finishing Part 1 is January 31, 2013 for the Spring semester; September 14 2013 for the Fall semester.

3. About 45 days after you complete Part 1, you will receive an email asking you to complete Part 2.