Interested in being an Orientation Leader?

Orientation Leaders (OL) take on a multitude of roles. They are group leaders, course registration assistants, peer educators, and positive role models. They are actively involved in assisting all new students with their transition to Suffolk, whether it’s from high school, the workforce, the military, or another higher education institution.

OLs are trained year-round in institutional information, group dynamics, and student development issues. They receive a stipend as well as room and board in University residence halls during Orientation.   


- Enrollment:
Enrolled as a full-time Suffolk undergraduate student (and not plan to graduate before December 2015).
- Grade Point Average:
Sophomore through Senior Applicants: A cumulative Suffolk grade point average of 2.75 or higher at the time of selection and throughout tenure in the position.
Freshmen & First-Semester Transfer ApplicantsA high school/transfer institution grade point average of 3.00 from their previous institution, as recalculated by Suffolk Admissions, at the time of selection and then maintain a Suffolk grade point average of 2.75 throughout tenure in the position following posting of first-semester grades.
Circumstances such as disability which might have impacted GPA will be considered on an individual basis.
- Good Academic & Judicial Standing:
Be in good academic and judicial standing with Suffolk University at the time of selection and throughout tenure in the position.
- Training & Work Availability:   
Be available to participate in spring training workshops, orientation team retreat, summer training, and work all applicable orientation sessions while serving on a diverse student leadership team.
- General:
Understand, believe in and remain committed to the mission and goals of orientation and new student programs at Suffolk University. Remain flexible and engaged in assignments while demonstrating open and ongoing communication with Suffolk staff and co-workers. Relate to and interact well with current and new students, family members, faculty, and staff at Suffolk. Adhere to all staff policies and training guidelines and positively support other leaders in the performance of their job duties and leadership development.