Chathan Cooke, ScD

Visiting Professor
Department of Engineering

Phone: 617-573-8565
Fax: 617-367-5063
Office: Archer Building, Rm. 310





  • ScD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research Interests

  • Electronic materials
  • Sensors and sensor networks


Parallel appointments at M.I.T. and Suffolk  2004-present 
Lecturer, M.I.T. (9 different courses) 1973-present 
Founder, Predictive Power Co.  2000-2004 
High Voltage Research Lab, M.I.T.  1996-present 
GenRad  1963-1964 
Acoustic Research  1961-1962 
Consulting and Technical Expert to over 30 agencies and firms   



  1. “In-Service Detection of Electrical Partial Discharge Events” w/ T. Cargol, and S. Skinner. EPRI Conference on Substation Diagnostics, New Orleans, Feb. 2004.
  2. “Experimental Study and Simulation of Space Charge Stimulated Discharge” w/ M. Noskov, A. Malinovski, K. Wright, and A.J. Schwab; Journal Appl. Physics, Vol. 92, No. 9, pp4926-4934, Nov. 2002.
  3. "Charge Accumulation and Dynamics Near Insulator-Electrode Interfaces”, 4th Intn'l Conf. on Electric Charge in Solid Insulators, Tours France, Jun-Jul 2001.
  4. C.M.Cooke. Y.Hoshina, M.Miyashita, Y.Shimizu, “Polarization and Charge Transport in Unfilled Epoxy”, B1-7, Int’nl Symposium. On Electrical Insulation Materials, Kitakyushu, Japan, May 2005

Professional Activities

  • TaSI, Chairman of Suffolk University’s Technology and Science Initiative
  • IEEE Journal of Electrical Insulation - Member of Publication Review Panel
  • CIGRE working group on Gas Insulation - Secretary
  • CIGRE working group on Capacitors
  • CIGRE - U.S. expert Representative on Insulation
  • CIGRE, Covenor, Joint Working Group SC15/33 - Insulation Monitoring & Life Est. High Voltage Workshop - 'Pulse PowerCommittee on Electron Devices; Co-Chairman
  • Institute National de Physique - Select Comite Technique Vivitron

Courses Taught at Suffolk University

Circuit Theory I

Electronic Devices II