Peter Jeffreys, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of English

On Sabbatical Fall 2013

Phone: 617-994-6438
Fax: 617-305-1744

Office: Fenton Building, Rm. 228


  • PhD, University of Toronto
  • MA, Boston College
  • BA, Hellenic College

Research Interests

  • British Modernism
  • The Bloomsbury Group
  • Literary Decadence
  • British Aestheticism
  • Byzantine Art and Hymnography


C.P. Cavafy's Imaginary Portraits: Studies in Decadence.
Ithaca: Cornell University Press (forthcoming)

 E.M. Forster-Κ.Π. Καβάφης Αλληλογραφία:
Φίλοι σε Eλαφρήν Aπόκλιση.
Athens: Ikaros Press (2013).

 C.P. Cavafy: Selected Prose Works. Translated, annotated and introduced by Peter Jeffreys. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2010.

 The Forster-Cavafy Letters: Friends at a Slight Angle. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2009.

 Eastern Questions: Hellenism and Orientalism in the Writings of E.M. Forster and C P. Cavafy. ELT Press of English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920. University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2005.

 Saint George’s Greek Orthodox Church: An Architectural and Iconographic Guide. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (private printing), 2000.


“Performing in Prose: Cavafy’s Πεζά and the Problematics of Style.”
Imagination and Logos: Essays on C.P.Cavafy. Harvard Early Modern and Modern Greek Studies. Ed. Panagiotis Roilos. Harvard University Press, 2010

"’Aesthetic to the point of affliction’: Cavafy and English Aestheticism.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 24.1 (2006): 57-89.  

 “Cavafian Catoptromancy: A Response to Mr. Savidis.” Windows on Greece: University of Michigan Department of Modern Greek On-Line Forum-Feb. 2006.

“Following the Recipe: Cavafy and Magical Texts” in “What these Ithacas mean.”: Readings in Cavafy. Athens: Hellenic Literary and Historic Archive, 2002.

“Dünya Güzeli: Cavafy’s Folkloric Odalisque.” Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 26 (2002):219-247.

 “Cavafy, Forster, and the Eastern Question.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies 19.1 (2001): 61-87.

Scholarly Activities, Awards and Presentations

Associate Editor (Arts & Humanities 2010-2012)
Journal of Modern Greek Studies
The Official Journal of the Modern Greek Studies Association
The Johns Hopkins University Press

Member of the Executive Board, 2011-2013
Modern Greek Studies Association

"Cavafy’s Byzantium: The Poetics of Exquisite Decline”
Lecture -Institute of Sacred Music Colloquium
Yale University, November 2, 2011
Lecture-Hellenic Studies Program
Yale University, November 3, 2011

“The Other Cavafy: Selected Prose Works”
Lecture and Book Presentation
University of Michigan Department of Greek Studies
Kelsey Archeological Museum
March 22, 2011 

 "Traces of Walter Pater in Cavafy's 'Shakespeare on Life.'"
C.P. Cavafy International Congress
University of Cyprus, Nicosia
October 16, 2010

"Friends at a Slight Angle: The Forster-Cavafy Letters."
Lecture and Book Presentation
Brown University, Department of Classics, April 24, 2010
King's College, University of Cambridge, November 24, 2009
Boston Greek Consulate, November 11, 2009

Recipient of the Modern Greek Studies Association's 2007 Edmund Keeley Book Prize (Honorable Mention) for Eastern Questions: Hellenism and Orientalism in the Writings of E.M. Forster and C.P. Cavafy.

“Performing in Prose: Cavafy’s Peza.”
Modern Greek Studies Association 2007 Symposium
Yale University, October 18-20, 2007.

“Cavafy and English Aestheticism.”
Department of Comparative Literature
Princeton University, February 16, 2006.

Toronto’s Houses of Worship. Interview on Byzantine Art.
WNED/PBS Buffalo—Rogers Television
Toronto, November 2005.

Member of the Modern Greek Studies Association

Courses Taught

ENG 101 - Freshman English I
ENG 102 - Freshman English II
ENG 103 - Advanced Freshman English
ENG 213 - English Literature I
ENG 214 - English Literature II
ENG H252 - Readings in Decadent Literature
ENG 366 - Modern British Fiction
ENG 392 - Readings in Postcolonial Literature
ENG 408 - Modern Greek Literature
ENG 409 - Literary Bloomsbury: Virginia Woolf and E. M. Forster 
SF 189 - American Gothic: Edgar Allan Poe, Flannery O'Connor and Annie Proulx
ENG 425 -Readings in Decadent Literature - Spring 2014