Timothy A. Poynton, EdD

Associate Professor
Director, School Counseling Program
Department of Psychology 

Phone: 617-994-6454
Fax: 617-367-2924
Email: tpoynton@suffolk.edu
Office: Donahue Building, Rm. 611


  • EdD, Boston University
  • CAS, State University of New York, Albany
  • MS, State University of New York, Albany
  • BA, State University of New York, Albany

Research Fellow, Center for School Counseling Outcome Research, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Licensed School Counselor, Massachusetts and New York

Specialty Areas

School counselor preparation; technology applications; data-driven decision making; professional development; program evaluation

My research interests are in the realm of issues affecting K-12 students and the school counselors who serve them. I am currently engaged in research examining the postsecondary transitions of graduating high school seniors, focusing on how in school experiences and attitudes relate to postsecondary outcomes with a focus on the transition from high school to college. I am also engaged in research examining instruments designed to measure the attitudes and beliefs of school counselors. Embedded in the above research projects are an interest in technology applications, particularly issues around the use of online surveys and methods for improving their efficacy and usability.

Selected Publication

Poynton, T.A. (2009). Evaluating the effectiveness of a professional development workshop to increase school counselors' use of data: The role of technology. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 1(1), 30-49. 

Poynton, T.A., Schumacher, R.A., and Wilczenski, F.L. (2008). School counselors' attitudes regarding statewide comprehensive developmental guidance model implementation. Professional School Counseling, 11(6), 417-422.

Poynton, T.A., and Carey, J.C. (2006). An integrative model of data-based decision making for school counseling. Professional School Counseling, 10(2), 121-130.

Poynton, T.A., Carlson, M.W., Hopper, J.A., and Carey, J.C. (2006). Evaluation of an innovative approach to improving middle school students’ academic achievement. Professional School Counseling, 9(3), 190-196.

Poynton, T.A., (2005). Computer literacy: A review with implications for educators. Computers in Human Behavior, 21(6), 861-872.

Courses Taught

COUNS 710 - Introduction to School Counseling
COUNS 714 - Psychology of Vocational Development
COUNS 720 - School Counseling Practicum I
COUNS 721 - School Counseling Practicum II
COUNS 731 - Action Research
COUNS 737 - Interpersonal Skills Laboratory
COUNS 748 - Fieldwork: College Visits