The Education Technology Committee (ETC) aims to improve faculty knowledge of existing resources available to improve technology utilization and expand hybrid and online course offerings in the College. Committee membership is open to all interested CAS faculty.

Educational Technology Committee Members 2012-2013

Name  Department 
Miller, Richard, Chair  English 
Bolser, Michelle  Academic Computing 
Conley, Brian   Government  
Cook, Edith   Math & Computer Science  
Dellicicchi, Thomas Academic Computing 
Dewar, Eric   Biology  
Fair, Teri   Government  
Jiang, Xinxin   Math & Computer Science  
Johnson, Walter   Physics  
Karns, Vicki   CJN  
Lussier, Scott  Physics  
Poynton, Timothy  Psychology 
Raesch, Monika   CJN 
Richman, Gerald   English  
Wickelgren, Bruce  CJN