The Promotion, Tenure and Review Committee (PTR) reviews material submitted by CAS faculty and makes recommendations to the dean regarding the award of sabbatical leaves, promotion, and tenure to qualified full-time faculty. PTR Committee members are both elected by division and appointed by the dean of the College.

Promotion, Tenure and Review Committee Members 2013-2014

Name  Department  
Bursik, Krisanne   Dean's Office 
Carragee, Kevin  CJN 
Cobb, Rachael  Government 
Fireman, Gary  Psychology 
Gebo, Erika      Sociology 
Greenberg, Kenneth  Dean's Office 
Kipp, Rachael Chemistry
Miller, Quentin  English 
Shulka, Pradeep  Mathematics 
 Cherkasova, Evgenia    Philosophy