Suffolk alumnus Emilio Aragon is a prominent writer, director, producer, and composer in Spain. He received his undergraduate degree in History from Suffolk, as well as an honorary PhD in Art for his contributions to the world of arts and communications.

His work in the worlds of film, television, and music is renowned. Not only is Aragon a respected composer and conductor of symphonic orchestras in Spain, but he also wrote the score for the international award-winning film "Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime." This first foray into the film world led to a turning point his career and he began producing films in 2007. Aragon was nominated for a Best First Director Award at the 2011 GOYAS, the Spanish Oscars, and his expertise also extends to television, where he has produced eight shows and currently heads the Spanish television network La Sexta.

Aragon was one of Suffolk's Distinguished Visiting Scholars in 2011. He screened his award-winning narrative feature film, “Paper Birds,” about a vaudeville troupe’s struggle to survive during and after the Spanish Civil War in February 2011 at the Modern Theatre. The screening was followed by a Q&A. “Paper Birds” received the Audience Award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Aragon also holds the distinction of composing the Suffolk University alma mater, in honor of the university centennial in 2006. He wrote the music, while English professor Fred Marchant provided lyrics.