Internship for the Center for Crime and Justice Policy Research

Each semester and during the summer, the CCJPR welcomes qualified undergraduate and graduate students to intern at our offices. These internships provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable research experience through collaboration with public and private crime and justice related organizations. Interns work with faculty in organizing and conducting research on various topics. The internship requires an 8 hours per week commitment (a total of 110 hours per semester, 4 credits), and flexible scheduling.


General tasks include:

  • Assisting with library research
  • Drafting documents
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Report writing
  • Clerical functions


  • Good library research and writing skills.
  • Suitable proficiency with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software. Familiarity with SPSS for Windows is a valuable plus (but not necessary).
  • Consistent attendance and the ability to successfully work independently.
  • Students are to submit weekly a list of tasks that were accomplished and progress reports to the director.

The students who are most successful in the internship are generally well-organized, highly self-motivated and inquisitive, thorough in following directions, and able to work efficiently alone or as part of a small group.


  • Participate in all aspects of a research project.
  • Conference travel to assist with presentations when applicable.
  • Gain valuable research experience.

By the culmination of the internship, assistants generally attain superior skills and experience in research-related functions and are better prepared to gain employment and independently pursue other research interests.


  • Students will be graded on the quality of their completion of assigned tasks, commitment to project(s), motivation, organization, and punctuality.