The Women's Writing Circle (WWC) uses expressive writing in sacred circle as a way for women to deepen their understanding of themselves and others; share written stories that honor and support the diverse voices of all women; provide a safe and nurturing place for discussing truths, sharing vulnerabilities, and bearing witness with compassion and gratitude; and to encourage women to embrace their authenticity and become global organizers of change and peace through personal and social transformation, community, and escaping the oppression of silence through our words.

Gathering in circle, we will write from a series of prompts as an entry point to explore emotions, themes, personal histories, shared truths, joy, grief, shame, and those things that matter most to us in our hearts. We will then share and listen, inviting each participant to be courageous, vulnerable and compassionate truth-tellers and witnesses to others' personal stories. This type of no-pressure, expressive writing process holds many benefits for the individual and the group.  

Each month, there will be 3:00-5:00 PM writing circle event.

2016-2017 Dates and Themes: 

  • November 14:  Gratefulness

  • December 5:  Diversity

  • January 30:  Health

  • February 6:  Freedom

  • March 13:  Fears

  • April 10:  Privilege

  • May 8:  Connections

Event Details:

  • No writing experience necessary.
  • Events are free but registration is required. 
  • Limited to 8 women per circle. 
  • Participants should bring a notebook or laptop to write. 
  • Light refreshments will be served. 
Sponsored by the Center for Women's Health and Human Rights. To register, please click here!